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12/3/2009 c17 2AnvilHands
I'm guessing Old Quebec City issn't actually that old, seeing as it's in Quebec :/

You ever get sick of the stereotypical souvenir shit your country sells to amuse the stupid tourists that come over? I know i do.

Keep going :)
12/2/2009 c16 AnvilHands
You know, i live pretty much the same life? Save for being a guy and going to a public school :)

I quite like this. If i knew you were allowed to do something like this on FictionPress, i would have started long ago.

Keep going. And also you should listen to Smashing Pumpkins, if you don't already do. They help me get by.

Feel free to write back.
11/1/2009 c15 1Love Frog
I know I can scream. In fact I scream quite often, usually at my brother who I really hate. Keep writing this, it's just so awesome.
10/30/2009 c12 172NoRoadsLeft
it's always been like that. and it sucks. why can't we get laid all the time, without boyfriends? it's not fair (but life isn't fair)
10/26/2009 c12 1Love Frog
Why is he called a fly?
10/26/2009 c11 Love Frog
I went to dance a few times. . . When the slow songs come on no one dances with me.
10/26/2009 c10 Love Frog
I wonder that, too.
5/16/2009 c4 1prick
i love it, i love you. continue.

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