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for The Shed

10/2/2009 c1 276Darkest Fantasy
Well...I can say that I've never heard a poem about a shed before! Haha...It's unique, which is nice. You get sick of reading the same old stuff after a while. So good job with thinking outside the box...or shed as it may be in this case. =) I haven't heard personification like this for a while. Thanks for the interesting read.
6/27/2009 c1 Rj

really interesting choice of topic...its pleasantly surprising to see you thought this up...good attempt..
5/18/2009 c1 24James Michaelis
Very well-written. I like the personification of this shed. As a whole, this poem creates empathy in the reader, which is always very good in any literary piece.

Keep up the good work!


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