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7/24/2009 c2 Jennifer Braunstein
Dude. Beginning of this chapter? Stellar. Absolutely. Can't wait to see where the rest of this goes. Curious to see where it leads. I do feel like he gets away pretty easily, but perhaps there's harder getaways in the future?

Good start. Keep the work up.
5/20/2009 c2 like-diamonds
haha, i liked this. sarcasm all the way. the concept of it is a nice one, and the explosion fest at the end was easy to follow. saw it all in my head like a movie. i saw one spelling error but a fun read overall.
5/19/2009 c2 2Ray-Anne
All bold and underlined. Careful to double check before you post cause that's distracting. =/

That aside it's almost way too easy. I love his powers, but he gets away with a flick of his wrist! Which is pretty awesome. Still though,

I liked how it opened with the kids at the party, hehe.

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