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for there isnt one

5/30/2009 c1 Cheyenne
i don't have on of these thingamabobbers yet. But i also write poetry.

Anyhoo..maybe a good title could be Why is it?

But anyhoo, your an excellent writer. im 13 and i am told

i am kind of a good critic..but im jsut honest. and you really good. i 've read three already and their poems i could read all day...and i mean all the time. when your a writer i can't wait to be th eone to buy your book of poetry FIRST!

your firend,cheyenne
5/25/2009 c1 3anewaddiction
What is so daunting and intimidating is not what we gain, but what we lose. Sharing those feelings means giving someone part of yourself forever. Good peom, it really made me think.

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