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6/29/2014 c3 4Vamp712
Cliffhanger! Epic! And at a important part too, although I would add a little more detail to the end. One suggestion I want to say is maybe you should explain the difference between a fairy and your phaery
6/29/2014 c2 Vamp712
Very cool chapter, lots going on and the description is good. You didn't overdo it, but I still think there should be some character describing. It's your story though so you don't have to. The plot of this chapter is very interesting and makes it so I can't wait to read more and find out what's going on.
6/27/2014 c1 Vamp712
Good starting chapter to the story, it's got a good attention getter/cliff hanger ending. I, personally, would add some character description to this because it's hard to visualize without it. And doesn't seem to flow like when you saw, "clover...lauren..." You could never tell them apart- this tells me as a reader that they are related, identical, probably twins, but there is no other showing of what they look like.
5/5/2010 c10 Ruth
R* A* S*! You carry on writing THIS INSTANT!
10/27/2009 c9 BloodyTrinity
:O an evil cliffy! drat

well, its becoming really interesting! with the sudden reappearance of justine and all the juicy secrets that are being kept... :)

just update soon please...dont leave us hanging for too long
10/27/2009 c9 3aPondInTime
Awesome chapter again. Don't see why i couldn't read it in advance... keep writing
10/27/2009 c9 Ruth
Yay Rosy!

Doing homework, and your story was an excellent break!

yayayayayay MOAR!
10/23/2009 c8 BloodyTrinity 2 lazy 2 log in
nice nice! very nice, although I really would like to see a little more plot :) or are you still getting there?
10/22/2009 c8 2Quintessentila
10/21/2009 c8 3aPondInTime
Awesome chapter, but please write faster. Also please put telepathy in italics or something to avoid confusion. :P

8/12/2009 c7 BloodyTrinity 2 lazy 2 log in

its great :) but i think there should be more tension as such and that the plot should get a move on.

remember, fair is foul and foul is fair!

8/12/2009 c7 Angelove07
Great chapter

The story is slowly progressing

it's coming out really nice
8/11/2009 c7 alex
awesome write more soon!please?
6/23/2009 c1 CAROLYN RYDER
Its going well rosy... I'm glad and honoured that i fitured in your story. Thanx.

I hope that it will get more exciting because i found that at parts it was dragging a bit...

Anyway, Keep up the good work...
6/22/2009 c6 brattyteenagewerewolf

pretty please?
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