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for Religion Is a Fluffy Sword

3/30/2010 c1 Lord Vivian Darling
Wonderful work.
7/6/2009 c1 17Unique1952

Very nice work with this.

I do like all of the points you make in questoning religion, I find it all very interesting. I myself believe in God, yet I question the church (weird, I know).

Anyways, again, nice work with this.
6/22/2009 c1 arcane devices
Charles! It's been a LONG time since I've been on fictionpress but it looks like I've missed you by a month or so with your current updates :(

I'm truly sorry for not keeping in touch, but I've had the grand fortune of reading this delectable short prose from you and I must say it was just lovely.

The tone of this narrative came across in a all-knowing/matter-of-factly manner without the obnoxious grandiose that usually curtails things when it comes to subject matters like religion. This prose also gets me thinking about my own beliefs about religion and it seems like you have many of the common traits as a Christian Existentialist. This was truly an insightful read without it seeming too heavy and the way you ended the piece was on a superb note~

Until next time!
6/13/2009 c1 53Katie Nicole
Oh, yay!


I liked this essay, very much [: Mostly because I like to hear others' opinions about religion, and especially yours, 'cause I like ya ^_^

I remember when we first started talking you were a Christian. I went through sort of the same thing you did, only for some additional reasons, as well. It's an interesting realization, isn't it? That, once you step back and look at everything you believe in, it's really quite unbelieveable and even cruel. And yet you confided in it at one point, depended on it.

Personal feelings aside, you wrote this very well. It was clear and calm, but you got your feelings distinctly across. Haha, I love when you quoted Leviticus about homosexuality, and followed it up with "Guess you will have to burn those cotton/polyester shirts."

It added a dash of sarcastic comedy to an otherwise serious subject. Well done [;

Miss talking to you! Hope all's well.

(Sorry, this isn't really a review anymore, is it? Haha.)

5/26/2009 c1 RandomUserForTheology
Sad that you left the faith, but understand. Christianity as you said is a very confusing religion and I would answer your question about true Christianity and say there is no "true" Christianity in the sense one domination is right and the others are false.

Also, regarding evolution. I do not see it as major conflict to the Christian faith, except in the regard some people see it in conflict with certain parts of the New Testament. Paul says that death came into the world through Adam and Eve's sin and that death will be the final enemy. Particularly these are the hardest to reconcile, but I am no creationist mind you. I think Paul is commenting on a spiritual death, and if he isn't I reject this doctrine.

I suppose the most commonly accepted doctrines by Christians (all Christians) are the resurrection and the new covenant of Christ. There is no domination that rejects these doctrines, so in a sense I would call these the actual Christianity, true Christianity if you will. But other things can be interpreted and etc without affecting the true part. Cause lets face it a tonne of people have views on Christianity.

I agree, that people should not reject evolution. it is a brilliant scientific theory. But I also don't think it hurts the faith. Also regarding homosexuals... The bible never condemns them specifically but is against the act (see verse you quoted), not the people themselves. And a Homosexual is no more a sinner than I am.

As for Westboros... I have to emphatically disagree. They seem to forget the whole "love each other as I have loved you" message which is also fundamental to any Christian sect.

I hope you'll continue to pursue and study religion (all religion) and come to a more set conclusion for yourself.

Good speech btw.

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