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3/19/2010 c3 jtianity

I am the chairman of the Committee of Authors. And under section 4 degree number 3, you have violated the law of updating. You must update the next chapter of a multichapter story within 24 hours or before the mentioned time limit after the previous chapter, unless you've died; which I am quite sure you haven't. And this is why you must update within the day or you shall be imprisoned. Thank you and have a good day!


but seriously. Update soon!

12/27/2009 c3 7Corey Pierce

i love you.
12/13/2009 c3 jtianity
great chapter. another one please. soon.
9/18/2009 c2 9Furfaidz
9/18/2009 c1 Furfaidz
m mr. notebook
9/12/2009 c2 7Corey Pierce

so funny so funny so funny so funny so funny so funny so funny
9/12/2009 c1 Corey Pierce
How DARE you not update this in months? Dx For SHAME.
9/9/2009 c2 jtianity
i wonder what'll happen next...haha, get it? and would you update soon? pretty please? with cherry on top? haha, get it? with cherry on top? haha.
6/1/2009 c2 clique
Satan scares mee too.

Lol. Update soon!XD
6/1/2009 c1 clique
Hello, hello!

Nice story. I wish there was more hoolah! when she realized she was dead; but all in all, it's pretty great.

How many chapters are you planning for this story?
5/31/2009 c2 2AlMaMo
Haha! yay!

Ken is rather mean! I thought he was going to be nice there for a second! I laughed at the Michael Jackson part lol. Nice chapter! I hope you update soon! :)

5/28/2009 c1 AlMaMo
I really like this! :) I want to read more!

James McAvoy? He is gorgeous!

haha I hope you update soon:D


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