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5/8/2012 c2 1Amy90
I feel torn about this ending. Why did this guy have to find a girlfriend that looked exactly like his best friend? I mean, I could understand it if she just wasn't his type. And isn't friendship the BEST basis for a relationship? It's the best love you can find and I'd never give that up for anything in the world! And this strange look he gets in his eyes when he realizes that she wants him just totally confuses me. So either this guy didn't really like the girl but felt that he had to do this because of their friendship (so he sacrificed himself?) - or ... I don't know but I'll give it some more thoughts - I really want to understand since this seems to be a different concept of love and friendship I have experienced so far...
5/8/2012 c1 Amy90
I just decided to read all the rest of your stories and I fully intend to leave reviews for everything I read. But just in case I don't make it, some of the reviews might come later, then. Have a good week! Hanna
7/22/2009 c1 BluE MooN CRUM

I really don't understand about this gift. How come it was a gift if he din't at least remain his friend?

I liked your story, but please explain it to me...
5/28/2009 c1 61SandPaperWishesAndDreams
that was good, i give u props

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