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for Blood Reign

12/24/2009 c2 unlockurdestiny
A Vampire story perhaps? Pretty interesting ! i love how your stories leave us guessing. Update soon !
8/11/2009 c1 inSAMniac
aloha meli!

i decided to review! :D

i remember you telling me that you were going to slow down the pace and i agree because it went by a little fast.

but other than that awesome.

you should update :P

okay byebye

5/31/2009 c1 shinji the useless
your summary caught my attention so props for that.

I like the names of your characters, but since it's only the first chapter i can't really say much more on them, maybe put more depth in their introduction. example: show how Amelia and Vanessa became friends besides being in the same class. show us why Leo feels the need to hang himself

The scenes jumped a lot and i had a hard time keeping track on who was in which scene, or understanding what exactly was happening in the scene and understanding the revelence of it.

you have a few spelling errors like "breath": i think you meant "breathe".

Other than those it was a good read. just watch out for typos, your scene changes and your telling. show a little more and give some depth.

good luck, shinji
5/29/2009 c1 18sasha blue
mega smex.

i dig it


update son

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