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7/12/2010 c17 booklovergracie xxx
hey amazing story xx

i think that aggy was a bit of a slut making out with a teacher cos only one girl has done that in my entire school and she most deffiently is a slut and i dont think thst rob should forgive aggy because she is kinda using a lot of people and isnt worth it wen there are so many better people out there instead of her

but i love the story so far wen i first started reading i thought it was going to b completly cliche but it has had a lot of intresting twists
10/13/2009 c16 annne
The first chapter was so good I was really looking forward to the rest of it. I thought it was going to be a sweet story. But Aggy came off as a slut I mean really she shouldnt have been hooking up with Alex. I was hoping that when Rob and Aggy got together it would be more thoughtful not just pent up sexual tension.
8/1/2009 c16 7rulestolife01
Man, wasnt expecting that one at ALL! Lol, whats with the cliff hanger? and it was too short... :'(
7/27/2009 c16 1VampireAcademyDB
omg awesome! i love this chapter plz plz plz dont put it on hiatus :(
7/8/2009 c15 7rulestolife01
Your very right it was a short chapter, I like Rob's attitude though, it seems to fit. But I do have one question, what does "dob" mean?
6/29/2009 c13 2Chloeee
Woah, good chapter, very cutting...update soon!
6/29/2009 c13 1VampireAcademyDB
REALLY GOOD CHAPTER! Aww I feel bad for Rob :( but I understand how Aggy's confused... hey, she's a teen... what more can I say?
6/28/2009 c12 8LeaveThePieces
Lol I love how when you get reviews your pets are happy for you : D Haha but anyway wow... that was a dramatic chapter... I can't believe she was gonna go there... And totally ruined things with Rob... Hopefully things work out! Good job! : )
6/28/2009 c12 1VampireAcademyDB
Oh emm gee lol jk bt OMG i wonder whats gonna happen next... Rob should make her jealous by going out with someone else
6/26/2009 c11 MockingJuliet
Im really loving this. I thought calling it "it" was pretty adorable. ^ ^ I really cant wait for more. I am already dreaming how this will all end lol Too early? I like Rob better than Alex, not that my feelings should persuade you haha

Keep up the good work. Each chapter is keeping me hooked. You are writing a super great story :)
6/23/2009 c9 1XxCaptainKoalaxX
Hope u can update soon! =)
6/11/2009 c5 XxCaptainKoalaxX
~*Nice chapter cant wait 4 more! =P *~
6/11/2009 c5 AZN t a c o s
gasp! no way! aggy's dating alex! I thought she liked rob... anyhoo, great chapter! update soon. like, REAL soon. LOL I'm just kidding, but update :)
6/6/2009 c3 Stephie Callagher
Its really good, entertaining so far, when wikll there be more rob, aggy action?
6/6/2009 c4 XxCaptainKoalaxX
Hope U can Update soon bcuz I wanna know wat happens! =]
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