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6/12/2012 c4 Larrissa Freeman
Pleeeeaaassssee updaate. Bad Moon Rising was amazing! I loved it. When I saw you had a sequel I read it in like seconds. I really hope this book yurns out just as flipping amazing as Bad Moon Rising.
12/18/2011 c4 SilverSouledWolf
Just want to say I loved Bad Moon Rising and hope you continue with this. I was in the lake district not to long ago I'm entirely surprised you haven't mentioned any sheep. :)
9/11/2011 c4 Wolfgrr92
I love your stories! Please continue!
9/5/2011 c4 katmama
I want more!
6/17/2011 c4 luckyelise
3/18/2011 c4 Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf
I liked this story a lot, but I like the first book better than this - the sequel, because it had Phoebe's pov in it - don't get me wrong, it as great as ever, but I like reading about Hannah much much much more than Phoebe. Hannah and Adam made such a great couple - but I thought that it was sort of obvious that Hannah was going to go with Adam, as she spent much more time with him than Andrew. UPDATE SOON! P.S. What is the werewolf way of 'getting married'?
3/6/2011 c4 draco oblivion
Hannah's joke and the fact that Phoebe got farted on was hilarious XD

This stories coming along, it's a bit sad it hasn't been updated in a while but hopefully that just means that it will be updated soon :D
3/6/2011 c3 draco oblivion
Congrats Matthew and Summer :)

The stories great btw :D
3/6/2011 c2 draco oblivion
I don't think it's pointless, the story wouldn't be as good if you constantly rushed into action, this makes it seem more novel like :)
12/4/2010 c4 1Natalie Ann
I have to say, I spent my entire afternoon/evening reading Bad Moon Rising and the first four chapters of this story, and I'm absolutely in love with these characters and I think these stories are fantastic and I can't wait for your updates!
12/3/2010 c4 the immortal pen

i was just rereading this and rerealised what a good story it is, believable and supernatural-ly without being unrealistic or cheesy... a pit fall one finds too many authors falling into now-a-days, anyway, just though i'd leave this, hopefully reminding you that there are still people that appreciate this story, and waiting to find out what happens next!
11/7/2010 c4 XtremeAngell
Love it!

I will keep my eyes out for the next update ;)
9/20/2010 c4 natasha99
this is quite awesome! Please update1
9/17/2010 c4 1Kiri Hanna
O.M.G! You need to update! please...please...please...
8/11/2010 c4 13Aruka Ten
you need to update asap! this is so great! how can you now update it after 8? months? please please please updates soon! for thesake of Andrew's, Hannah's, Adam's, Summer's, and Matthew's happiness!
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