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6/18/2009 c21 Ipaintwithwords
I love the ending...are you going to do a sequel at all?

Thank you for this story, I really enjoyed it and hope to see more of your writing!

6/16/2009 c20 Ipaintwithwords
This is a wonderful story, I never suspected the twists and turns!

this was a different storyline and I enjoyed it, please continue to write more!
6/16/2009 c19 Ipaintwithwords
Wow, that was so good! I never thought of the statuettes...amazing work!

6/16/2009 c18 Ipaintwithwords
Wow intense chapter! Nicely done...will Peter prevail? Will truth of Anton come out?

6/14/2009 c17 Ipaintwithwords
Wow the Sheriff sort of believes him even knowing Anton is 150 years old...wonder what Anton will do when the Sheriff and Peter coming knocking...does he have an excuse ready?

6/14/2009 c16 Ipaintwithwords
Wow, great chapter and Peter nowhere to be found yet...

6/14/2009 c15 Ipaintwithwords
Wow getting close for Anton to sacrifice Tiffany, will Peter be around to stop him? Or will the Sheriff get in the middle?
6/14/2009 c14 Ipaintwithwords
They think Peter is the deranged murderer? Hmm now with someone tailing him can he remain anonymous? Will Anton find out about Peter? All these questions

6/14/2009 c13 Ipaintwithwords
Peter certainly has done his homework on Anton and his past...his comment on making a deal with the devil certainly hits the nail on the head...

Careful Peter

6/14/2009 c12 Ipaintwithwords
Wow ok...Anton is avenging his parents' murder so long ago..and he isn't aware of Peter being in town. Well I imagine his plans will begin to unravel soon

Excellent work
6/14/2009 c11 Ipaintwithwords
Well another stranger in town...Peter Jamison and he knows all about Anton...and the list of people having disappeared...Peter better be careful

6/14/2009 c10 Ipaintwithwords
Wow, an imp in the bottle that grants wishes...interesting. Poor Mrs.Cragstaff though, she really didnt know anything...

Nice work!
6/14/2009 c8 Ipaintwithwords
The mysterious bottle...what is in it? What is it for?

Nice job as usual

6/14/2009 c7 Ipaintwithwords
Well, well, well...poor old Wilburn and no one the wiser. The plot certainly thickens as I try to figure out Anton's reasons for coming to this little town...

6/14/2009 c6 Ipaintwithwords
Wow yes...Gregg did learn his lesson, rather permanently...

This is quite interesting, still wondering how Anton is related to this town, although it must have something to do with the old Reverend...

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