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1/27/2013 c12 1candyp0p
*cries because you haven't updated this is nearly three years and it's so great oh my god
1/16/2012 c11 Nique13
I was wondering, Do you plan on updating this story? It's really good...
9/12/2011 c12 5Russle
"Who knows, you might find you actually like him."

Who knows, he might be giving away secrets! Lol.

Cute chapter. *Purr, purr* Naa, the end was cute~ W

Update soon!
9/6/2011 c12 Nique13
Such a great story! I hope that you update soon!
9/3/2011 c3 Nique13
You're spelling Bryan, as such and Brian.

I like the story so far.
12/23/2010 c4 bs49184
dont read much about a guy being referred to as an airhead
11/20/2010 c1 1Ken Ricafort
Oh.., So this is your first story. I haven't finsihed reading it yet, but don't worry I won't criticize. :)
5/4/2010 c12 twisted20
i just love allen and his dorkieness

can't wait for when him and lucas get together.

plz update soon
4/29/2010 c12 1llll.The Fallen.llll
OMG yay ...im so glad u updated...and im happy to see that allen and lucas' realationship is improving,cant wait for the rest of your story plz update son :)
4/29/2010 c12 2mikunikuetu
My God you finally updated this one ha ha ha ha.

This chapter was very fluffy, and I practically squealed at the end of it, but the only thing I found lacking was the actual content, though it may have worked with this chapter, I feel that it would have been better if there were more details to what had happened in Lucas and Allen's "date".

But it was still good nonetheless, I'll keep waiting and reading till the stories that you write are done.

Oh and by the way, I forgot to review in the last chapter of "Checkmate". The reasons for that are:

a.) I was way too shocked with what was going on, I mean there is now the element of abusive parent there, and with Amy being the potential trigger of it, and Michael having a relationship like a few weeks after that, another shocker, even more so because the identity of this person is unknown.

b.) I was typing a storyline for a personal project of mine.

c.) My space bar broke from typing, I just got it fixed.
4/28/2010 c12 5Fallen Rayne
I'm still reading the story ^.^ And lovin it. XD keep on updating because I want the two of them to get together
4/3/2010 c11 adioseveryone
cool. i like this alot. and it flows so well, not rushed at all like some other things i've read. cant wait for the update.
3/19/2010 c11 Random
I hope that you will continue to update this story, I'm not a fan of multiple perspectives so I haven't read Checkmate and an extra note Allen is so adorable it's just so difficult to contain my born reflex skills as a woman to squeal when facing an adorable thing/animal or in this case boy.
12/3/2009 c11 Emerald Dragon77
I'm so excited for the rest! Can't wait. Great job so far!
12/2/2009 c7 Emerald Dragon77
Sorry, I just had to stop in the middle of reading the chapter because if I don't say this now, I'll forget. I noticed this before too, but you continuously refer to Allen as an "airhead," and while he can be a tad scatterbrained with his head in the clouds, he isn't stupid. I think you mean a "space cadet" or a "space case." Just find a different word to describe him because I don't think the word means what you intend it to. Okay, I'm done; I'll finish reading. By the way, I love your story so far!
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