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11/22/2018 c20 Nagi
I came here straight from matched and i kinda liked Carter so seeing a story about him was wonderful. I was a bit sad that he wasent the first but i still loved the story.
7/21/2017 c4 1Montara
The heat between them :D
7/21/2017 c3 Montara
Hadrian coming like that...he seems so confident in winning.
7/18/2017 c2 Montara
The legend of the first werewolf...poor lovers. And she thinks he's the one the legend speaks of!
7/18/2017 c1 Montara
I've read your story in one go and it was so wonderful. It had everything a reader should want. I kept telling myself I'd review after reading another chapter, and it would be so captivating that I'd delay again...ups, but your story is just too good to stop.

But your hard work and you sharing it with us should always be appreciated by us, readers, with reviews at the very least.

I was so intrigued by those memories!
8/13/2014 c2 1BlackArts614
8/9/2012 c19 1THEBEASTLYNERD
oh now the cops come
great job
5/16/2012 c20 4R. Ficst
Very lovely : )

Smooth writing, with just a few typos here and there. Loved the characters and the intricate plot. I'm interested in this non-existent city in your universe. If you haven't done so already, I'd be very interested in reading any future stories you might write that take place there, perhaps centering on different characters, though.

Thanks for posting, I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
10/24/2011 c20 sherrylynn
Wow this really good story thanks for writing it
9/6/2011 c2 F
Epic story, plus the fact that you created a setting and whole other world, is very impressive, hell I'm very impressed with the quality of story you've managed to write! Keep up the good work!
6/26/2011 c20 sweetpea265
Okay, I liked this story. Thought it was pretty good. I read Matched first though. I like both of these stories, but I had a little problem when the scenes changed without notice. Just adding a few *** or dashes, regular line or something would have been helpful because it was a little confusing at times. Other than that, I thought the writing was pretty good and didn't really notice much that could be improved too much.
4/11/2010 c20 2Cee.wat.i.live.for
I really liked the story. You had a great plot and I do like how much work you put into your characters. I felt a little something for everyone of your charcters even Hadrian and the shadows lol. Can't wait to see what other story you come up with
4/11/2010 c19 Chocorange888
This was such a heart felt story and I really loved the twists and turns in it. I thought that Hadrian was a great character, one of my favourites in the story (I know he's evil and all). Thank you.
4/4/2010 c20 NB-writer
Loved it. The ending was not what I had expected, but deeply satisfying. Nice writing and awesome plot.
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