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2/21/2013 c4 4GrangerDanger333
Ahh this was my favourite chapter ever! It's too cute for me to even cringe :)

This is such a good story, like from the beginning of 'Addie and Tria', such a cute couple. Some of it is pretty unrealistic and wayyy romantic but it was all so cute. Love it.

I don't know if you're still writing but I would say Cameron deserves his own story, even if it was just a oneshot. I really like him :D
2/4/2012 c4 JJ
That was really beautiful...I will never tire of Tria and Addison no matter how many stories you decide to give us of them.
9/19/2011 c4 1KiyoshiTanaka
The first chapter almost made me cry. That being said, so did the second chapter. And the third chapter. And the drabble. And it takes a lot to make me want to cry. So I've come to the conclusion that I'm just a little bit too attached to Tria and Addie. Lovely story. Great job. Keep writing. :)

Kiyoshi'sGirl64 and Kiyoshi
9/6/2011 c4 5Brandi Heir
Oh my god, i was actually crying when i was reading this story! it's so beautiful and so well thought out and all the characters are so developed. It comes together like a perfect puzzle.

You are truly an amazing writer and i hope to one day see your name on the same list as J.K. Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien.
8/20/2011 c4 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
I spent the whote story holding in tears and now they're just spilling over. I wasn't sure whether I wanted Addison and Tria to get back together or not but now I know that it was probably for the best. I couldn't imagine either of them without the other. Amazing job on this. It was brilliant and I'm glad they took things slow after all the crap they went through during this story.

Great job!
7/25/2011 c1 5Elira Winter
Heartbreaking at times, but lovely. Beautiful characters.
8/26/2010 c3 xNotxSoxInnocentx
I cried so hard on this chapter. I think I liked the sequel better than the first story because there was more emotion between the two.
8/23/2010 c4 ireadtoomanybooks
This is gorgeous :D When I read the Kevin and Addison thing I was just like... What? NO! But you ended it really well. Love
4/28/2010 c4 3DesertRoseFallen
Aw I loved reading this, even though I'm neglecting my writing haha. I now don't like Addison as much as I did and like Tria more! Tria had a different side to him in this one, in fact they both did and it was intruiging to watch and to read. Loved it.
9/3/2009 c4 Keela1221
This story and the 1st one were honestly I think the best story I have read on here. Thank you so much for posting! It was pretty much literary genious. Go you, go you and your geniousness
7/27/2009 c4 Rhod
Cruel yet beautiful, the harsh truth of reality.

I like your writingstyle, it's kinda ... um, delicate?
7/5/2009 c4 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
wow..am so sad it ended but i think it was a good ending...very cleverly written..sorry for not reviewing before.. but i was on holidays with no internet...:) good job
7/3/2009 c4 Dramatizer

The best ending ever. Seriously. I'm teary-eyed. :
6/29/2009 c4 animebuddy
Aw, it's over. I feel sad. :(

Usually, cheating is something that I despise. There are no second chances, I'm not going to forgive someone if they cheat. But the circumstances around how Addison went about it are forgivable. The fact that it wasn't planned, that he wasn't looking to cheat in the first place, helps him in my eyes. Also, the fact that he was, in a way, seduced and he realized it was wrong before it was over and stopped it AND was going to tell Tria even though he had no idea Tria knew, that honesty is what allows me to accept that Tria ultimately forgave him. If it had been any different, I think I would've been highly dissatisfied with the way things turned out.

Sometime today, I will read what is posted so far of For I Have Sinned. 8D
6/29/2009 c4 SilverBlood17
First my unending thanks for making this story, and making it great. It was beautiful. I really liked that they took things slowly for once and also that they developed trust again. It was an extremely simple chapter. However, it was very rich and probably answered most of the questions out there. That is not to say that I will not miss these guys... I LOVE THEM! You make really deep characters, full of life and intricacies. I hope you continue writing great stuff (I am already reading For I Have Sinned)Still, regarding this story... marvelous ending. Classic and sweet. I'll keep in touch. As always my best wishes.

P.S. Loved the proposal!
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