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for How To Be An Asian American

3/9/2014 c1 4sami1995
This was really great and I can completely relate (South Asian myself...) Anyway, this was humorous and at the same time, you portrayed so many truths, especially the incident on the bus at seventh grade. I really love that line "Do we ask every blond person if he or she is related to that blond friend? Didn't think so?" You go with that! This essay had this really cool sense of dry humor which I completely enjoyed to the fullest. Haha, the ending too. "Smile sheepishly. No one ever said Asians were good drivers." I love the way you poked fun at all the stereotypes; it's an awesome read. You do deserve the A.
Do update more of your essays/stories! Great writing!
6/29/2011 c1 Zaina Anastacia
Haha LOVED the Avenue Q reference you snuck in there...And obviously the rest of the essay too. It was well written, funny and pretty realistic as well. Good job!


4/4/2011 c1 14Sapphyre Nymph
This is really good. I find it funny that the first thing that comes into people's minds when one says "Asia" is China. I'm Filipino but I look Chinese and every time we go to a Chinese-speaking country (and even when I'm in the Philippines), everyone assumes I can speak it. Well I could (note the past tense). But that's besides the point.

Anyway, I feel for you. :)

P.S. Mind teaching me Mandarin? I've kinda forgotten it since I've got no one to speak it to here. :(
1/19/2011 c1 Pseudonym59
I'm Chinese, and it's suffice to say that this is 100% accurate. I loved this. :)
1/8/2011 c1 blithe.serendipity
So true :) That's describes me perfectlyy
7/13/2010 c1 sandcastlesinthesand

This was really, really funny.

It made my day.

I love the fire incident. Hahahaha.

You just STARED at it.

I would have screamed and run out of the room.

I love this so much. XD
5/12/2010 c1 anonymous8D
This is so true. I am a asian american and everything you have wrote about is completely true!
4/17/2010 c1 10balloonfista

was so funny! xD

4/17/2010 c1 8sealednectar
Lol, this was funny! Good work:)

'Asian parents wills always'-will
4/14/2010 c1 Pop the Bubble
Don't worry, I don't fit in either asia or australia - i'm too asian for australia, and too tall for asia!

I've had a couple of asian friends refer to me as the 'banana' because I'm 'yellow on the outside, white on the inside'

Also, I loved; "Speak Chinese fluently during your early years, but later on, after learning English, lose the fluency. Nowadays you answer in English, much to the annoyance and chagrin of your parents."

YES x a million!

I must concede that i don't get offended when people say asian houses smell bad, if I wasn't used to it, I'd completely agree and never step foot in one ever again. Blame those weird soup herb things.

I don't actually tend to gravitate towards asians, in fact i'm usually the ones being racist towards them (but come on, I'm allowed to be) because I've spent my whole life in a school dominated by the very upper class white kids, and I love them to bits :)

But bad driving. Isn't that what all asians are famous for?
4/8/2010 c1 Marie Charlotte
This is really funny! Thanks for posting it. :)
3/5/2010 c1 Hecsii
I can relate to this so much! And I'm half Caucasian! It seems everywhere I go I'm not seen as someone that has white heritage too, but just the Asian girl.

We eat rice everyday, I'm compared to all of my mum's Asian friend's children, and people constantly ask me if I'm related to someone that I look nothing like! Even my year co-coordinator mistakes me for another Asian! Ugh. People call me Asian instead of my name too! And people always ask if I get called racist things a lot - which I do, sometimes.

Then people say racist things against Asians, forgetting I'm there. It's stupid, and I always end up saying something to them.

I also suck at Science and Math, which surprises people because I'm apparently really smart. XD

Thank you for writing this, not surprised you got an A!
2/15/2010 c1 22dear-llama
This was wonderful. I'm Asian too (Chinese, actually :D), even though I live in Asia so this doesn't really apply to me much. But I understand how easy it is for people to assign common stereotypes to people based on their skin colour, and this prejudice against people of different races is really sad. Anyway, great job on the essay! You deserved that A :)
2/15/2010 c1 Icyfire4w5
I'll be really, really random, so please bear with my randomness, haha...

1) I've read a blog post somewhere complaining that "almond eyes" is a cliche invented by Hollywood. I'm like, yeah, it's a cliche, but it probably originates in Chinese literature.

2) Yeah, you're right that dinner includes rice, rice and more rice. I need to eat rice or noodles for dinner, otherwise I'll feel very hungry.

3) Yeah, parents enjoy comparing their children. Ironically, there is a Chinese saying that if you compare yourself to others, you might die of rage. ("人比人, 气死人.")
2/14/2010 c1 7Emedea
I really like this! The tone is entertaining, and I can relate to parts of it, being Asian myself (but I'm white on the inside). Like the whole chemistry thing. Of course, Asians are assumed to be geniuses in science and math and horrible at the humanities. Which for me, is the complete opposite. I revel in histories, English, and foreign languages, while I absolutely abhor sciences and math. Seriously. Chemistry and Physics were my least favorite classes ever. I literally dreaded going. And if my teachers weren't so awesomely cool, I think I would've killed myself. Or at least died of boredom/confusion.

Then there's the racism thing as well. When I was little, kids made fun of me for my "Chinese" eyes, which was incredible irksome since I'm not even Chinese, I'm Korean. And though I have virtually no connection at all to my Korean background, I still identify myself as "The Asian girl."

But I should stop telling you about my life. Because you're not a psychologist. Or a psychiatrist. Whatever the difference is.

I'm here to tell you that I really love this essay, and I can see why you got an A. It was well-deserved!
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