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8/10/2009 c10 Chancee
**Tears streaming**

I...am still crying...

The enormous amount of pain I feel in my gut is almost too taxing to have me type. I was so hurt for her to loose her love in such a way but yet it is so like life...

When your true love is there it seems that at that moment God has finally groomed them to be an angel and they are taken away.

Oh how this story has touched me and I will definitely read more of your stories.

If it was a struggle for you to kill him off then it was the right decision.

Simply beautiful...

Momo - Beer Run of the Roadhouse
8/10/2009 c9 Chancee
Oh my that was so moving and it told a portion of my past. **Dries eyes**

This is so beautiful with the unfortunate tug of what her heart wants and how she needs to settle things on both continents. I just love the drama and emotion and I am truly with out a doubt baffled at what could happen next since you have a done an expert job of keeping your decision a secret from us with in the way you portray your characters. This is such a joy to read.

Momo - Beer Run of the Roadhouse
7/24/2009 c10 2xxXNightsareDaysXxx
Sad...ending...it is so sad...but I love it...
7/8/2009 c8 Chancee
What is she thinking? Okay this round is for Alec I am totally mad at Annie for making such a decision. She needed to tell him up front before he looked like a fool. I hope he is not too crushed. I can really feel his disappointment the poor guy and I blew through this I was a little peeved. I don't even think I saw anything that slowed me down so great job with having so much energy here.

Great job and sorry for the delay...the bar has been busy..

Momo P.I.F.
7/3/2009 c10 4Aspiemor
Wow I did not expect that. Still the story was good and I made sure to kep my promise to finish it.
6/30/2009 c10 9Sakina the Fallen Angel
Oh gosh, tears have come to my eyes! :'(

I was so hoping for them to get together and stay together, but I should've seen your pattern of building up and then tearing things down! Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading this story, and will definitely check out more of your work in the future when I get time!

~ Sakina x

(don't forget to pay it forward, from the Roadhouse! ~_^)
6/30/2009 c9 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Ah, I can't believe there is only one more chapter to go! :'(

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c8 Sakina the Fallen Angel
This line was so beautiful: To think that he and I looked at the same stars at night, even though we lived billions of miles away from each other.

And then reality comes crashing down... :/

You keep on leading us on, and then destroying everything you build up, Bennett! .

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c7 Sakina the Fallen Angel

I think I have fallen in love with this story...I so hope that Alec and Annie end up together...and Meghan is such a minx with her eavesdropping ways! ;)

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c6 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Ahh, this should be made into a movie...

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c5 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Another unexpected chapter; but kinda fitting that a few years would pass... ah, at least you gave your main character a realistic few years, but it makes her current life all the more sad... :/

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c4 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Oh, I totally wasn't expecting this... :'(

But, you have many more chapters left of this story, and so I live in hope! :)

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c3 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Aw, this is so sweet! I knew they'd end up kissing at some point and at such a romantic, fluffy scene too! :)

You didn't explicitly mention anything about Alec's dad in the previous chapter; I kinda inferred that he was the manager of the restaurant, so correct me if I am wrong!

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c2 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Oh, I like how you drop little bits of information about your characters throughout the narrative, rather than just tell us everything in one go, e.g. finding out your main character's age via the age of Alec. The story is pretty predictable, but charming to read at the same time! :)

~ Sakina x
6/30/2009 c1 Sakina the Fallen Angel
Ah gotta love that country! You have given us just the right amiunt of character background, mixed in with action, which makes for some compelling reading.

~ Sakina x
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