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3/8/2010 c1 17Nocturnal silhouette
Heartbreaking, but so very beautiful. Well done!
1/22/2010 c1 1Damned to heaven
I actually am at a lost at what to say. Thats was a beautiful touching story.
9/29/2009 c1 1Selenion
Oh-Muh-God, this is the best sad, good story ever. I was nearly shocked when he had cancer. But I am glad they are together at last. It was so beautiful. I love it! You have no idea. Your writing is so ... I feel spiritual. Your writing seems to carry on the message of life after death or something. Like your other one shot, her mom died in that crash, and comes back. In this one, they're together in the after life, if that's what you're trying to tell me. But other than that, I loved it! I wished this could have been a story, but it doesn't seem to be needed to be a long story.

Good job! You should get this published. (:
9/18/2009 c1 10TheDarkScribe
I feel bad for not reviewing this sooner. You were so good with my story, after all. So, sorry! But here I am! (FYI, I review by writing my thoughts as I read. Tends to be easier to remember things and more complete that way.)

Haha, I love your disclaimer.

Ooh, lackadaisically - good word. :-)

Gonna go copy editor on you here: His most inviting feature though were his dark green eyes. - "Feature" is singular, so you want to use "was his dark green eyes." It sounds odd, I know, because "eyes" is plural. If you want to make it sound less odd, you could flip it and say, "His dark green eyes were his most inviting feature." Still awkward, but I think less so. Right, lesson over. lol.

Busted - Hehe.

We walked in companionable silence as Cage took me home - Just a nitpick, but you just said 'Cage' in the previous sentence, so I think it'll flow better if you said 'he' instead.

I like your little section divider. It's cute. :-)

Bah, he's totally dead, I can tell. This is gonna be a sad story. :-P Reading on...

Okay, he's not dead, but he's going to be. Bummer.

Whoa, wait, a week at most? That seems *really* quick. Like he should have been diagnosed sooner. Does that actually happen? I know months can happen, but a week? But I don't actually know, so... :-P Also, it seemed like earlier, when he was little, he already knew something. Did he? And if he did, shouldn't they have diagnosed it earlier?

There was no reassuring words, no fake smiles, no delusions. - Same problem as before, in reverse. This time it should be 'were' instead of 'was'. :-)

I had lay down next to him and fallen asleep - lain down.

I know it's not supposed to be, but the part where her mom thinks she might also be dead is a little bit funny...

Aww, that was sweet. Yes, a bit of a bummer, but with an uplifting ending. I liked it. I also liked that it was very clean. I know I pointed out a few things, but they were minor, and the story was otherwise very well written. Very believable and touching.
6/24/2009 c1 Random Hero Fan
What a beautiful little piece. I'm all sniffly! ('course, that could be attributed to the fact that I'm a sap, anyway, hee). I thought her adopting Lucy was a different approach - very well done.


6/20/2009 c1 Captain Lucky
So beautiful! And sad, but not at the same time. You handled it so delicately and I think you got just the mood you were looking for.


6/9/2009 c1 3megamegaturtle
this was really cute.

sad, but very cute.


you have such talent to convey emotions.

please continue on doing so.
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