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for A Bout of Plague

7/27/2010 c1 194Anthony Tesla
Very clever and original, and I don't think I've read something like this before: it was truly very creative
1/1/2010 c1 Icyfire4w5
Well, many people have described plagiarism cases as some sort of plague, but you're really creative because you've expanded this metaphor into a one-shot.
6/11/2009 c1 6Harriet Usher

There's a plague of plagiarism sweeping FP?

(blinks) I hadn't noticed...

But considering I'm not the most observant of people, that's hardly surprising. I only discovered swine flu a couple of weeks ago. It was a considerable newsflash.

Simply loved this oneshot, half because of the in universe style and half because you have anthropomorphic personifications. I *love* anthropomorphic personifications. If I could I would marry one.

In all, it was simply fabulous darling. Oh- and I love your penname. Very original.



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