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for Why?

6/29/2009 c1 12Imminent Paradox
I like this. It's asking all of those questions that we can't help but think about. Why are we "existing to exist", as you say? It really got me to think about it. I love it :)
6/13/2009 c1 C.N.D
This is really well done. :) I like the "existing to exist" part and the way it rhymes at the end. (Thank you for the kind review, BTW, even though I had to take that story down not 24 hours after putting it up! .
6/12/2009 c1 29YasuRan
6/12/2009 c1 8Ohka Breynekai
A very powerful poem... It nearly made me cry... :(

But I especially like the movement in this piece... if that makes sense.
6/12/2009 c1 lymli
very heartfelt and full of emotions.

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