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for Duties of the Double Dog

8/6/2009 c12 1readaholicxxx
8/6/2009 c2 TymCon
Hshhshshshsh odd make out session
8/6/2009 c1 TymCon
hahahaha this is a very good story:P
8/5/2009 c12 Ink-Stain'd
Cute chapter especially the ending. It's so sweet that Alex is helping Rainie out. I hope Rainie cheers up and gets her revenge, for real. What I don't understand is Jackie, I understand that she might feel its her fault but she's taking it awfully hard. Melanie is cute as can be. Can't wait until your next update!
7/31/2009 c12 helzyeah
ahahah funny as!
7/31/2009 c12 4jammi
They both have issues, LOL, and I won't lie, I was so happy when she busted him in the mouth, hahaha, they're both messed up but at least she's no longer depressed. Says a lot about her that she doesn't mind being called fat if she can bust someone's ass, lol.

And Alex is brave, no way in hell am I going to let the girl who put BLEACH in my juice free reign to kick my ass, hahah, I mean, I guess she's not really much of a threat at the moment but damn, hahah. And she's still sleeping with that gun like it's her security blanket? ahaha I really hope MC isn't going to want that gun back any time soon.

I was wondering why she kept calling Alex, I got the impression she was lonely since she kept commenting on how she and Jackie no longer have the same interests but I felt like Alex was the worst person to go about trying to find a connection with as shown by him hanging up on her all the time.

And OH MAN, she switched the script up with that letter to megacock, I know she's in a bad place right now but all that desperation made me cringe, and then we go to her talking to a garbage pan. it's like, every time I think she's dealing with it relatively well she has a breakdown of sorts.

I actually liked how you show her need for normalcy even if just by calling Alex she's showing that things aren't normal as it's out of character for her.

LOL at the man's girlfriend going to clubs and watching other people. She's gifted too since she was able to pinpoint where the rabbit costume came from and everything.
7/24/2009 c11 blue-blue
ahaha FUNNY! i8 cant believe that they fucked...wouldnt they want to talk...wouldnt it be akward?
7/22/2009 c11 ishta
I truly love this story. I know I've said it before but you wow just wow, I love it. Amazing. Honestly why cant more people write like this?
7/21/2009 c11 Ink-Stain'd
Cute, cute, CUTE. Oh my gosh, I love this chapter so much! RAINIE AND ALEX GOT TOGETHER! Well...at least for a little while. Sigh. I am so in love with the idea of the two together. And I'm missing a little out on MegaCock. Rainie's one mother effin badass. I hope she gets her revenge on those sick jerks. And the drag queen made me laugh, especially the girlfriend part.
7/21/2009 c11 25KelaBelle
lovely x nice chapter.
7/21/2009 c11 4jammi
I don't know what's more amusing, the fact that he hit on someone who was decked out like an actual bunny rabbit, meaning he couldn't really see her face/shape. Or that he was a tiger about to eat a bunny, LOL, either way, hahaha at that bit of awkward moment. And why is he going to get her for it when he's the one who fully came up on her, haha, she didn't recognize him either.

I also call shenanigans on her comment about hot guys brining out her inner ho. She gets a big ol' side eye for that since for the first part of the story she was always trolling for men, lol, just because this time she had alternative reasons doesn't mean she can act like she's been Mother Teresa this whole time. [Ignoring the whole drugged and raped bit]

I must say, she's not being subtle at all if she has people thinking she's going after Alex, though I do like the way that even though they're snapping at each other they're both sort of involved in her revenge scheme even if she doesn't come out and ask him to help her.

I like Jackie, especially since she points out that despite what Rainie says, her interaction with Alex has changed quite a bit. Poor Jackie though, not sure how to handle this whole rape thing since Rainie doesn't want to be comforted and treating her the way you think you should just makes her uncomfortable.

Alex just keeps screwing up her chances of using that gun doesn't he? I love the fact that she's walking around with it so casually, lol, just sticking it in her pants and whatnot and then actually contemplates fooling around with a random [who we learn is Alex] like she isn't carrying. Fake gun or no.

LOL, how much porn do you have to watch to be able to recognize male 'actors' when your a dude? I mean, I'd get it if he took notice of chicks, but knowing all this about Duane? That my friend is suspicious, no matter how much you try to cover it by talking about his wife.

LMAO at the bedroom scene with her and Alex though. Hahah, engaging in a sexual act to get him to leave you alone, and just his persistence and her initial response is amusing, sort of like a married couple with him asking her for sex [LOL at 'Wanna make Malcolm jealous, hahah, at least we know he's aware of who he's hitting on while he's high] and her turning him down until he offers to do something she's never done.

Not so funny when she has the flashback, though I do think it'll bring some issues when she does want to have sex because mind can be willing and all that but if she has rape flashbacks during foreplay or whatever, I doubt she'd stay in the mood. Or she'd force herself to keep going even if she doesn't want too and then it'll be even worse.

And I've seen some of what people have been saying, I agree with you, a lot of them don't really help you in any way other than showing that a lot of girls like dudes who do creepy things and harass the main character [not judging them based on that since I think Alex is kinda awesome, but that's because he's fictional. And doesn't sparkle haha]
7/19/2009 c10 helzyeah
hahaha...thats freaking funny, the lawn mower rofl.

7/18/2009 c10 jammi
I honestly had no idea what to write for that last chapter, LOL, I mean, she's stronger than me for sure. I was up with the ass whooping but I was just expecting him to have known about it, not for it to have been a gang rape. I think she should've stomped on his head on principle, though I understand why she fainted, bad enough coming to terms with one person, shoot.

This chapter went back to a less stomach clenching turn of events, I hope her friend will be down with her video taping scaring the shit out of these dudes. Even if she doesn't pull the trigger, I would love to see her bust one of them upside the head with the gun.

Why go skiing if all you're going to do is complain? Snow and I rarely get along, lol, but I'll at least attempt to ski/snow board and then if I hurt myself, I'll understand being in the cabin by myself, that's why books were invented. Amuse yourself.

LMAO, hahaha, wow, their parents are oblivious. Attempting to cut someone's face off is a sign of mental issues I'm sure, not a crush of any kind.

Though, Megacock isn't the one who's been making her act out, let's face facts here, LOL, she had issues from before, bleach in his drink? I mean, I understand why she did it, nasty ass Alex, but you'd think she'd just stomp on his balls while he was sleeping or something, but some straight up CSI type murder attempts? LOL, sign of some mental imbalance on her part as well, Megacock just encourages a lot better than Alex did.

I'm extremely interested to see how she answers his dare, especially if she's using it to get back at the dudes who raped her. We can see from her past with Alex she can be vindictive, I wonder how it'd translate to people who aren't next door though. Will it be spur of the moment or will she drag it out and full on hunt then destroy?

Both really good chapters, amusing even when they got a bit serious.
7/18/2009 c10 Ink-Stain'd
Cute chapter. I'm glad that Alex was in here, I love him so much. He's so sweet to Rainie at times and stuff. I just hope they develop feelings for one another...soon. (:
7/16/2009 c9 1readaholicxxx
woah brill chapter!
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