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7/16/2009 c9 Ink-Stain'd
I've never seen a goth in my life and I wonder what they're really like. Sometimes I think they're pretty attractive and other times I feel that they're just weird. But yeah, it seems that Rainie doesn't really have a 'crowd' which is pretty cool.

My friend takes Ritalin and its pretty strange that a goth just randomly offers some to Rainie. But I smiled at the ending since it was slightly humorous, at least the goths talking.
7/15/2009 c9 helzyeah
swheet chappie! thanks for updating so quick! love the goth kids part!

7/14/2009 c8 helzyeah
7/13/2009 c8 Ink-Stain'd
This chapter hit on a deeper and more personal note for me and I'm glad that you wrote it, since you're one of my favorite writers and its always nice to remind people not to take drinks from strangers. For awhile I thought Mark would be Megacock but I highly doubt it now.

You have a grammar mistake which you probably noticed by now. But if you haven't it's when Rainie is thanking Alex and in the parenthesis the 'kid' should be a 'kind.'

This is second to Just Like a Fruitcake for me. Totally loving the story and hoping you'll update soon.
7/13/2009 c8 4jammi
Mega cock is a strange one. Where the hell did he get a gun from? And this town is small enough they know the same ol' man with a random dog. Her scaring someone with that will most likely lead to her getting into some ish. [even if it's fake like he claims. She needs to go out back and shoot a tree or something, see what happens]

[I wait for him to be far from me before covering my face up. Oh, shit! There I go again, being a bitch.]

That sentence shows her conflict over still liking Malcolm right? But for some reason, I'd think she'd feel more guilty pride over it since she was willing to sleep with one of Alex's random friends 'for herself' even if it was because of Malcolm. I don't know...

How does this man know these people? I mean, they're group of friends seems a bit incestuous [everyone knows/does everyone else], so if he knows them, he should know her right? Which means, even if she doesn't know him he's targeting her.

Interesting that she goes out of her way to refer to how much sluttier than her Jackie is but she leaves with a random.

She wasn't drinking anything before was she? Why is she tipsy now? She's a light weight?

Oh. Well that explains that question. How did she get home? If he dropped her off that makes me think he knew where she lived or she was aware enough to tell him her address, but then she would probably remember more...

What does it say about her opinion of her brother, or her opinion of herself for that matter, that she thinks her brother would rub her face in it. Alex, I don't know, he's pretty mean and he did say he didn't want her around him for that reason, but her brother? Maybe later, he might say 'this is why i didn't want you too blah blah blah' but i don't think he'd go 'i told you so, you whore'.

I don't know what to say about her 'I'm an awful person' bit since her self esteem wasn't the best to begin with, and people who are raped will blame themselves even if they were drugged.

[But she just lets me marinate in a soup of my own dirt and a stranger’s bodily fluids, occasionally running warm water again, until eleven thirty when I remind her that she’s got to go to sleep for school.]

That visual is raw. It makes me wince and feel supremely uncomfortable and yet it's not even the most visual [visceral? I hate when my brain can't find the right word] thing you've written if that makes sense.

Hmm, that scene with Alex, I think you might have to put in a bit more there since they don't get along usually and I feel as if even if she hadn't been raped and he'd tried to touch her thigh she'd have slapped his hand away. So even if he was wondering if that was what was wrong with her, it wouldn't be proof enough in that sort of a situation. Maybe if you can show her fear a bit more? Since normally she would've been pissed but now she's more scared then angry?
7/9/2009 c7 Ink-Stain'd
Man. So glad that you came out with a chapter I was beginning to worry that you would put the story on Summer hiatus. Rainie is something, I like that this chapter went a little more into Rainie's psyche. Alex...is special...I suppose. I really hope they end up together.
7/9/2009 c7 jammi
Short and embarrassing/enlightening, though i doubt her brother's words are going to stick around once she sees/hears about Malcolm again. Though, i mean, having conversations with some random probably isn't a sign of health either.

She needs more people with that 'I'm doing it for me' nonsense since every time she's about to engage in some sexual activity she mentions/thinks of Malcolm,and so far, it doesn't seem like she likes sex very much. She just wants to get it done and maybe fight someone.

Her brother could've at least reamed her out somewhere a bit less public though, or at least not in front of Alex, but i guess since Alex is gorging himself it doesn't matter all that much.

Her friend is asking some shady questions, lol, those are the type of 'hypotheticals' you get before someone comes bawling at your door at three in the morning talking bout they didn't get their period.

And it didn't even click with me that she never once mentioned a condom during her mission to get choked out. Is she even on birth control?
7/5/2009 c6 ishta
First off let me say, you my friend are insane. I mean this as the highest possible honor of course.

I think I have read all of the stories you have up and believe me when I say I wish more people could write like you. The dialog never dispoints. Derek from Just Like a Fruitcake has to be the most awesome character ever imagined and I HATE vampire crap. But somehow I ended up loving your acid trip of a remix lol.

With that said I can't wait till your next update of Duties of the Double Dog.
7/5/2009 c3 5Sherlock Homes Detective
I love this story but Alex is such a jerk that I want to jump into the story with a baseball bat and smack his knees in. But I guess it is good that he makes me so mad or else this story wouldn't be as good.
6/26/2009 c6 1readaholicxxx
haha loved it as usual
6/25/2009 c6 4jammi

hahah, she's such a bitch, ahahahaha, I mean, he deserves it but still, she's one of those hated pot stirrers except she full on starts shit with other people, hahah.

And apparently she is asking for an ass busting since 1. she's calling out tiffany's name and now she's chatting it up with her meaner butcher sister.

Cockroaches are like spit to me. Just ... no. They never really die, I mean, those little suckers HAVE NO POINT. UGH! Nailing it to a block of wood and mailing it to me? LMAO, and this is the man she fantasizes about, they are both 'speshul'.
6/22/2009 c5 1readaholicxxx
haha you never fail to make me laugh
6/20/2009 c5 Ink-Stain'd
Cute chapter. Almost seemed like Alex actually likes Rainie. I learnt a few new things about dogs from this chapter and ah...I don't know if that's a good or bad thing on my part. If only life was actually like this.
6/19/2009 c5 4jammi
Oh man, LOL, hahah, I actually haven't finished the chapter yet, I'm at the part where she has SEX IN ALEX'S ROOM!

Dude, I mean, man, hahah, I'm obviously a lot more immature then I think because I started reading it and full on started getting all flustered then the 'GET OUT' happened and I had to scroll down and click the review button so i could calm myself down before i acted a fool out of mortification. Lord ha' mussy, LOL.

So onto what I've read; she definitely needs to be careful what she wishes for since Rush was obviously out of her comfort zone, LOL, how do you go to a club and just straight start choking chicks? I mean, shouldn't there be some foreplay at least? A little playful nibbles/squeezes before you go straight to murder mode?

LMAO, at her doing a drive by to check on the dog, and I don't know, I'd be suspicious of a girl who hit on me after watching me get choked and then cussed out by some random. Or maybe it's actually a smart strategy, men have her down/are abusive, you slide in with female understanding and take advantage, either way, she attracts some weird people.

Alex is nasty, wiping your boogers on people, that's so grade 6. Grade 10 depending on who your friends with, LOL, immature asses, still so gross.

Alright, I'm ready to act my age, LOL.

[“I’m not ugly, right?” I ask while I kick off my shoes.

“Not now, no.” Good answer.]

Wow, she's not even subtle with the whole 'having sex to prove she's attractive' angle, and her standards are LOW, lol, but I guess she's pissed and indiscriminate angry sex doesn't equal to great partners.

[“Not in my room – not in my neighbor!”]

ROTFLMAO! Best line ever, hahahahah.

Wow, she handles awkward situations a lot better than I do. I would've been a hot mess. But you could probably already tell, LOL.

This girl did not just enter a full living room in his jersey. Man, I forgot your sick and twisted little tendency to make shit extra hard on your characters, LOL, I was like 'okay, so it's a bit awkward with his mom, but you know, she got out alright' only for her to give everyone a false assumption by wearing his most valuable jersey in front of everyone. Oh, man.

Why are they at her house any damn way? She needs to treat him like a homegrown terrorist and beat him. Again. LOL, but I tend to overreact when I am mortified. [I'd probably be in my room going 'Lawd, JESUS WHY? *wall slide* AY!' hahah, minus violence unless I think I can get away with it without getting my ass bust]

I actually haven't read past her stepping into the living room, I'm ashamed of myself, but you should be proud, LOL, I've emotionally connected with someone who I thought I wouldn't since our ways of dealing with things are different. And my ass would have gone straight to my room and put on clothes before playing Nancy Drew/Curious George.

-reads on- Yeah, I definitely would've overreacted, LMAO[I should erase what I wrote above, but whatever, reviews = honest opinions/thoughts and that was what I was thinking at the time].

I like how she handled it, it's not a miracle save, she's not cool and calm but he doesn't get to ridicule/embarrass her like he planned, though I'm sure there will still be questions. I mean, his mom at least will be wondering why she's chilling in his room braless.

Pooky makes me uncomfortable, LOL, and she says she wants a guy who can go at it but so far every time she tries to have sex she finds an excuse to dismiss him and stop. Well, except for just now when Alex cock blocked.

I do include Mr. Choke-a-lot in her failed hit and misses because she did claim she wanted it rough earlier. I mean, I know she probably didn't want to actually fear for her life but still, LOL.
6/19/2009 c5 marii
so alex can be nice! haha!
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