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for Shadow of a Promise

2/6/2011 c16 9Divanora
This was a really interesting story, and I do hope you continue the sequel. I do have one question though, about Gone's parentage. You mention that Go's race needs to have sex with another man to procreate, but they seem to all be homophobic - how is it their race hasn't died out?
4/20/2010 c16 Heather
So, you're writing a second part to this story? I was just wondering is Yoshida Smith is the "whore" Go's with? Cuz I was having some bad feelings of her...I was reading the story and I'm like waiting for something to happen that involves her in it...I thought she would've been part of the reason Gone was taking...it sounds all suspicious..if you receive this review can you respond to it? And excuse all errors

P.S. Even though it didn't contain much boy love(as in the physical chemistry), I appreciate the story
1/29/2010 c16 Drakegreendragon
Reading your story has given me a new way of thinking and trying to deal with situtations in life that are sometimes out of your control. When trouble, and misforutune, or just plain bad luck came Jakes way, he reacted with violence and anger and anyway he could lash out; which I can understand.It is the words of Hautta that really opened my eyes to some realizations when he said "...can turn you heart and thoughts into stone. You'll want to protect yourself, not give it to any sort of ...opening that will allow others in to prevent feeling this way again. Or you can look beyond their display of protection as a sort of...guide to understanding. People will always want to protect the ones they love, and to do so... they'll display all sorts of common selfishness." I really feel like that is the best explanation for feelings so many people have. Thank you for putting in such lovely words. Will you be publishing this series in the future because I would love to have it. Your Fan!
1/28/2010 c13 Drakegreendragon
I am enjoying this story immencely, although at first I thought it was going to be another story of teens coming of age and discovering their true selves and feelings for other people. Instead it is believable story with very real teen stunts and mischief. I love all the characters, although it would be good to know what is in Chase's head more. You have painted a picture of real small America, that would seem to be dull; then turned it into ground zero or the beginning of some the awakening of a superhero. After reading All I Have, now I have put together some clues to lives of the people that are in both stories. You rule, when it comes to futuristic sci-fi and aliens and super powers. I don't think I care so much for Go , because his personality is kind of contradicting his actions. He cares for his son, but he doesn't prove until the boys life is danger. He doesn't appreciate how responsible and wise his son is, and that's sad. It will be interesting to see where the relationship between Jake, Gone, and Chase goes from here. I love this story very much. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us all.
7/16/2009 c16 krittika
You know what i don't get? why do you only have one review? this is an AMAZING story!grr...i makes me so mad!
7/15/2009 c16 OneAndTwo
I can't believe no one's reviewed this yet. This story is amazing! The characters are very well-written, and the plot itself is awesome. I think you left some subplots unresolved though - like who was that shadow or that stuff with... Ian Peters was it? or even what the hell happened to Chase... 'cause he kind of disappears when you don't need him anymore.

Anyways, this was a great read and I'm glad I found it! I'll be looking forward to reading more from you!

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