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3/12/2010 c18 5I Can Breathe
It's been such a busy week but I've finally finished reading these two chapters. They have been amazing. Somehow I wish his hand will get better, they must have some high tech thing to fix his hand - it bugs me that Ajim has taken part of Caine, it feels almost as if he has beaten Caine in one of these smaller battles. I really like Caine's personality, for a while I thought they had killed him and the story was getting sort of boring but Caine has made a good comeback. Alright that is all, bye.
3/10/2010 c18 7KuroKage1717
I was about to go to bed, when I saw that you had updated, so I had to stay up until I finished reading it. Thanks a lot. :P But seriously, that is some fast updating. I could only wish that I was as fast at updating as you seem to be.

Anyways. I rather like this length to the chapters. And as the story progresses with each new chapter, unless it's my imagination, your writing seems to improve, becoming smoother and more flowing.

Nice stuff.
3/10/2010 c17 KuroKage1717
Whoa! That was seriously the best chapter you've written yet for this story! First, the length was perfect.

Second, it was just so awesomely entertaining! I nearly had a heart-attack (again, big surprise) when Caine just started running away, trying out his little escape attempt. And nearly succeeding, too.

Third, we get a tiny bit more information about the freaky guys in black. And it's awesome how he can fight back, now. (It's also amazing how he isn't dead yet, too.)

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!
3/5/2010 c16 KuroKage1717
Whew! *big sigh of relief* While I find emotionless killer types to be highly entertaining, I am glad that Caine is back to normal. And I'm looking forward to seeing what his little plans entail.

Though I still wanna now what the purpose of Ajim and his creepy friends are.

Nice updates, btw. Thumps up!

3/5/2010 c15 KuroKage1717
Oh boy. Those last thoughts of Caine's can't bode to well, but perhaps that's what those creepy freaks want? Lol, too bad he didn't punch Ajim like he wanted. Despite the consequences, it would've been somewhat satisfying. For me, at least. :D
2/22/2010 c13 KuroKage1717
Nice double update. Only one thing that I've noticed...

You use the verb "scream" quite a lot. While I understand that it's kinda necessary, it gets a bet repetitive. Maybe you could try using similar words like 'yell', 'shout', or 'cry out' - just a suggestion to switch things up a bit.

2/22/2010 c12 KuroKage1717
Oh man. I could barely make it through this chapter, I felt so bad for Caine. He must be superhuman to simply not die on the spot. In his shoes, I'd be long gone...
2/15/2010 c11 KuroKage1717
I was going to complain that this chapter was too short, but then I read the last sentence - and you know what? That was a mean cliffhanger. *grumpy face*

I wonder how much more Caine can take before he breaks? Nice chapter.
2/15/2010 c10 KuroKage1717
Yay, an update!

This story needs more reviews. It's a bit strange (in a good way, lol), but it's very intriguing. I can't help but get pulled into the storyline.
2/6/2010 c9 KuroKage1717
Nice story. Those weird instructor-like people creeped the living daylights out of me. I love how Caine's character and personality is so...average, yet very intriguing. He is chosen as the captain of his group, yet he's just as scared as the rest of them, and his reactions are very realistic.

The whole premise of this story is very interesting, and I very much hope that there are updates in the future, as I now want to know what those strange people are up to. XD
7/22/2009 c1 2monkeyman918
was an ok start I will read the next chapter
7/22/2009 c2 monkeyman918
Was a short chapter but still ok, but I think if someone was going to give him a new identity then they would give him a new last name too? I'm just saying.
7/20/2009 c2 78Ironic Presence
The first chapter is a lot better now ;)

The second chapter is pretty interesting; if it was me I would say it'd be better for him to have looked down but then again there wouldn't be a story LOL
6/22/2009 c1 Ironic Presence
It's a pleasure to see your grammar is pretty good. ;)

Um... well it's an interesting character set up of the main character but it seems contradictory outside of his own mind.
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