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11/17/2015 c11 13creativesmarts
No no no no no no no!
That's...all I have to say...
Oh, and when his mom said they should have breakfast with Aria, I thought she meant her unborn child, too xD I felt like such an idiot, lol
11/17/2015 c9 creativesmarts
That poor artist!
Haha, such a good chapter:)
11/17/2015 c7 creativesmarts
I couldn't stop laughing when Afton told Summer about his "condition." Especially when she believed him xD
I love his sense of humor :P
11/17/2015 c5 creativesmarts
This is really good so far. (Afton & Tony are hilarious, by the way. I was laughing at them chapter four.)
I nearly started crying when Afton's dad threw out his art and was saying that stuff to him. So sad, and in a way I can relate to his situation:(
Anyway, I'll keep reading; I'm in love with this story right now:)
11/3/2015 c32 Sharon Lee
Terrific story. IMO it's not only publishable it would be a great movie. So well crafted and intricate plot. I loved it and I'm so glad I found it on the Goodreads list. Thanks.
10/8/2015 c32 Sarah
Finally ! I have been waiting for ever to read this epilogue . I can at last die in peace :-p But just like the rest of the story, the epilogue was great ! I loved it :D
10/4/2015 c32 tb
Thank you for coming back to finish this story. I re-read the whole thing from beginning to end today and it was everything I could have hoped for :)
10/2/2015 c32 NolyKaryad
Finally ! It was so intance.
Thank you.
10/1/2015 c32 Charnette
Finally got to reading the last chapter and, ah, there's nothing better than giddiness to start your day, and without suppressing an "aww" or three :D A superb job, truly. I'm a bit sad but thankful to see the very last chapter, and hopefully I can enjoy something new from your quill soon ;)
9/30/2015 c17 Guest
Why why why is Afton being such a fucking idiot? He really needs to dump Lucian. Love doesn't conquer all, and love isn't worth getting tied to a worthless mafia family.
9/30/2015 c7 clarbret
Please tell me somebody kills Lucian and Afton gets to go to UCLA. Lucian is such a manipulative loser.
9/29/2015 c32 Collins-A
Excuse me while I weep over this beautiful story. Had me hooked from the first sentences, and I lost many hours of sleep to read this, when I had 7am shifts at work. I will be back in a couple months to re read and cry again, just because it's done. Actually obsessed with Afton and Lucian. Although! We never did find out why Lucian accompanied Nick to Afton's home the first time! If only you could write a one or two shot from Lucians point of view detailing the day the met and what made him fall for him so obsessively and passionately so quickly.
9/29/2015 c1 clarbret
I just found this story and already I only like Afton. Every other person seems like a complete ass especially Lucian. Nick is a worthless shit too, supposedly caring about his brother but not every giving any warning or explaining what his boss really was. Hopefully there will be at least one other decent person in the story but I'm not holding my breath.
9/29/2015 c23 21Uncle Rupert
This story is amazing. I love the fact that you haven't changed the characters and tried to make them too hardcore. The fact that afton is a runner and he will rely on instinct no matter what and run makes me feel like he real. There is so much happening I have been glued. I really loved this story.
9/26/2015 c32 Mana Juice
Simply put, amazing.

I could not stop reading this.
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