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8/22/2009 c10 9HeroForTheLostCause
Very nice, but i felt like the conversation jumped around a lot.
8/22/2009 c10 5TheLadyPendragon
Aww, Lucian's so sweet. I just loved this chapter. XDD It was so fluffy. I found it amusing how Afton got all those Mafia movies for them to watch, and how Lucian flirted with him so blatantly. I guess we'll meet Lucian's family (I loved the bit about his sister loving Harry Potter and High-School Musical) and I wonder how Afton will interact with them. Can't wait for more!
8/22/2009 c10 2alwaysfaith
Truthfully, I like the chase. Where Afton was all "I HATE YOU." and Lucian was "-MOLEST- BE MY WIFE"

and at the start of this chapter, that's what I was thinking the whole time. But by dinner time, I could see that there'll still be challenges, with the father maybe.

And then at the end where Lucian came out, I could picture him so perfectly and I kind of melted on the inside and decided even though Afton admits that he likes Lucian, that this soft sweetness it okay too.
8/22/2009 c10 Marrs
I was glad to see an update, this is an amazing chapter. my favorite so far, cant wait for the next.
8/22/2009 c10 piriperi
oh wait that last review I posted for chapter 10, not 1. But you probably knew that lol
8/22/2009 c1 piriperi
This is probably my favorite chapter yet. I love this story so far, and I think your pacing is perfect. I hate when a story rushes things or if the story takes forever to get interesting, which this story doesn't have either of those problems. :)
8/22/2009 c10 11dreamercrys
Finally... Thet get to be alone and Lucian gets to work his charm... Can't wait for more!
8/22/2009 c10 Chasing.Hanako
Refreshing has turned into somehting of a routine by this point- I check for a new chapter when I start the computer and sometimes before I go off again.

But the moment when you actually find one makes it all worth it!I love both mains and a mafiastoryline that is not all bloody is always fun! Thank you for this and for updating.

No thanks tho' for the hinting at the contents of the next chapters, because it will make my refreshing routine step up again *frustrating*. Aw. Sweet anticipation...
8/22/2009 c10 3CreativeChick233
ha, i absoloutely love this chapter!

if only afton could hold his ground!

but if i had me a lucian, im shure i wouldn't be able too either! lol

glad lucian didn't ask afton to be the boss,

cause that would have ruin the moment,

i was so glad when i got the email about you updating! lol

favorite story thus far on here! [;
8/22/2009 c10 greengarbage

This was worth the wait.
8/22/2009 c10 Barkers3
Aww, I liked this chapter. it was pretty sweet. I really like how Afton takes no shit from lucian :D Very cool.
8/22/2009 c10 2hazza1508
really enjoyed this chapter and cant wait for afton to meet lucians family so update update update plz asap
8/22/2009 c10 2That Day Is Mine
Aw. Oh, this was SO cute! _ Adorable, adorable! But I can't wait until Afton meets the 'rents. And does Lucian's mum like Afton? I hope so. It would kinda suck if they ALL hated him.

AND AGAIN, I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. So fluffy. :3 You're the best :hearts:

T.D. Is Mine
8/19/2009 c9 oo
getting tense...

alot of big decisions coming.
8/17/2009 c9 Gwengwel
I forgot to review! Bad Gwen, bad. Sorry!

Ho, I love your story. Everything. I want to be more constrictive and help to improve your story, but I can't find something bad to say. I like how they make progress, how they can talk, all your personage (even his father, yep), that everything's not perfect in there life.

Afton can be jealous?

The father, I just wanted to see his face. mouahhahaha! Busted!

A lot of explication will be asked.

The mural was a cute idea but the poor artist, paint in this condition...loll

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