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8/22/2009 c10 2hazza1508
really enjoyed this chapter and cant wait for afton to meet lucians family so update update update plz asap
8/22/2009 c10 2That Day Is Mine
Aw. Oh, this was SO cute! _ Adorable, adorable! But I can't wait until Afton meets the 'rents. And does Lucian's mum like Afton? I hope so. It would kinda suck if they ALL hated him.

AND AGAIN, I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. So fluffy. :3 You're the best :hearts:

T.D. Is Mine
8/19/2009 c9 oo
getting tense...

alot of big decisions coming.
8/17/2009 c9 Gwengwel
I forgot to review! Bad Gwen, bad. Sorry!

Ho, I love your story. Everything. I want to be more constrictive and help to improve your story, but I can't find something bad to say. I like how they make progress, how they can talk, all your personage (even his father, yep), that everything's not perfect in there life.

Afton can be jealous?

The father, I just wanted to see his face. mouahhahaha! Busted!

A lot of explication will be asked.

The mural was a cute idea but the poor artist, paint in this condition...loll

8/15/2009 c9 acidrops
Great chapter I guess this means he's finaly out of the closet. Waiting for the next ;)
8/13/2009 c9 5TheLadyPendragon
Man, you're just making me more curious! I can't wait to meet (in a metaphorical sense) Lucian's family. XD I'm sure Afton, being spitfire as Lucian likes to call him, will eventually prove his strength and win their respect. :)

I don't know why, but I thought Lucian's POV was funny, especially how he scared that artist into making that mural. XD I forget sometimes how he's an underboss (and scary) when he's being all sweet with Afton. :3
8/12/2009 c9 2Ominous Rain
damn. I know afton is still going to get a earful or something from his father. his mother, eh , not so much. hm Lucian's family won't like afton that much will they? oh i smell big drama!
8/12/2009 c9 1The association of Young Folks
:O Yyayayayayyayayayyayay You updated :D This chapter made me grin like a total loon because Lucian was an awesome and sexy. :D *laugh* Update soon ^^
8/12/2009 c9 ShootMeStaRs
Cant wait for the next chapter^^
8/12/2009 c9 Thecowonthebox
I can't wait for the next chapter !

For the weekend and for the meeting with Lucian's father and his sibling ! AAHHR ! Love this story ! It's SO great !

Thanks for sharing...
8/11/2009 c9 bossyfoodshield
i really really really love your story! oh please update again... i can't wait for things to progress even further for our two characters :) and it's great that you gave a short pov on lucian, and they way you wrote it does still keep an air of mystery about him... all the readers could get from it is that he's genuinely interested in afton and that he wants him as his life partner... but we've already figured that, so he still remains an enigma... it's good.. it's really good
8/11/2009 c9 23frogs of war
"no reason once so ever" should be 'no reason whatsoever', I think.

It is entertaining to see just how much Lucian holds back, but it must be hard not to reveal so much that it breaks the tension of who he is and what he really wants.
8/11/2009 c9 Jen
This chappie was good! I hope Lucian and Afton's relationship will continue to grow stronger before they have the world. Lovely chap, hope u update soon!
8/11/2009 c9 hanako
The last days first thing i did after starting the computer was to check on this story. I like both Lucian and Afton (tho what kinda name is that?), and while that is awesome in itself, I also adore the Mafia storyline itself to bits
8/11/2009 c9 greengarbage
I think it's much better from Afton's POV. Lucian's would be more effective once they're together and he's not so...smug. Wot's Afton gonna do to deserve his phone back? Rawr! I really want Afton to get the chance to go away to college, but then he wouldn't be around everyone else...and the extra characters involved... oy! What a headache. More interesting if he stayed home...or maybe a third option? How does one date a mafia boss and attend a top ranking college at the same time?

This one took a little longer, but it was a nice size and the wait made me appreciate it all the more.
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