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6/13/2014 c31 1bigXxdreamer
Please tell me you haven't abandoned this story! ):
5/28/2014 c1 chenee1988
Okay... recently found this story and read it over the weekend and i loved every minute of it. thanks for writing a mafia story or story period with such amazing characters and vivid words. i think of myself as a mob movie/tv show cono sur from the god father down to the sopranos and this story can go up against anyone of them. i loved Luciano and Afton's relationship more than any fictional relationship that i've ever read. you tell a beautiful story from beginning to almost the end ;), hope that you update soon!
5/12/2014 c1 rated
Please tell me this isn't another year long wait. Just two more to go come on! I know you can do it you writing is incredible.
5/5/2014 c31 Acacha
I've just found this story last night and now...I really love Lucian and Afton ;)
4/30/2014 c1 QuietSong
I've read this I don't even know how many times already, but it just never gets boring. I guess its because there are so many moments, and little details, that just makes me grin, laugh, smile, and feel a little melancholic.

Anyways, on to the actual chapter. I've always been a fan of certain cliches, so I enjoyed it when Afton was that one member of his family that was an outlier from the rest of his gorgeous Italian family but you know that he's actually much more attractive than he thinks he is. But what really distinguishes this from a lot of the other stories with cliche elements are the character interactions between the potential couple. Afton and Lucian(especially Lucian)are so damn amusing from this chapter alone.

I absolutely love that scene where Afton and Lucian are shaking hands(it still makes me grin), because Afton is absolutely right: Lucian's an arrogant bastard.
4/27/2014 c31 PyroBadger
I had a dream the next chapter was posted.

Jk, but really, please update! You're almost there and even though we all love you so much for writing such a great story, we'd love you so much more if you finished it.

I agree with everything rainbownostalgia said. This story has made me feel such a variety of emotions and your characters' flaws made them seem so much more human. The characterization and plot development were absolutely amazing. Your writing makes me jelly.
4/18/2014 c1 rainbownostalgia
Well, it seems as if I've gotten myself into trouble again...another story I'm obsessed with that is incomplete.

okay that was my attempt to reign in the feels but really what i typed in first was "WOWOWOWOWOW"

Literally I was and still obsessed with this fic since the beginning when I first read it two days ago. I can proudly claim that I've read it at all times of the day (and night; first started at 3AM ;D) and in various locations (e.g. home, school...XD). I hope I can still maintain some dignity while writing the rest of this review, haha. I just really hope you know that I'm looking forward to your comeback to finish those last two chapters, and I hope that whatever is keeping you away won't take long (because I know the support for your story definitely isn't the reason why you're not returning- I mean really? 1k reviews? That's super amazing but nothing that I wouldn't expect after reading this fic ).

I originally began reading this after seeing it fav'd by one of my favorite authors, writingright, and I have to say that I loved it from the start. The concept, the characters, everything- Afton is simply so endearing and one of my favorite type of characters to read about. Of course Lucian is just as lovable and everyone must be gushing about how hot and handsome he is, but I've always had a bias for the protagonist, and Afton is one of my favorites I've read about. I love that all the characters you bring into the story never appear only once for a shallow purpose (unless they are shallow *coughsummercough*...although she did serve the purpose of opening Afton's eyes to his relationship with Lucian/sexuality). For example, I expected Blaise, Catherine, De Luca, Russo, etc. to appear only once (and it's something that I hate when authors do) but you definitely proved that wrong which is oh so great. I also love that the characters are so multi-faceted, that they have so many faces and that I can proudly say most of them are the "dynamic" characters that teachers prattle about rather than "static/flat" ones.

Some of my favorite moments are definitely/obviously the Lucian/Afton moments (although I admit I loved them most while they were just getting into their relationship), that small moment where Afton pretended he had this weird condition in front of Summer (I know it was very minor), that part where Afton pretended he had this dog (AGAIN MINOR but still), that part with Lucian's POV (so cute), that part where Afton shuts Lucian out of his house (ha minor), when Afton tries to get Lucian to watch mafia moves with him...hopefully you can see that I actually love a lot of things about this fic and that they don't have to be big plot-turning events like when they first had sex, etc. I think this is something that you would only find with really great authors, ones that naturally write their stories with fine detail instead of only looking for when to place the next big reveal, etc. I could definitely go on and on about what I liked about Mafia Runner (I was actually skimming through the chapters again to refresh) but for your time's sake and the length of this review, lol, I'll reign it in.

I'm glad to say I experienced a whole spectrum of emotions reading this (from anticipation and utter adoration when Lucian and Afton first did it, or total fear when Afton and Aria were escaping/when he was in the office negotiating with Gabriele at the end, etc.). Hopefully this review doesn't come off as too much for you, haha, that was definitely not my intention. I just tend to rant a lot and I literally just finished reading so there's a lot to say. I just realized I say hopefully a lot but let me end by saying hopefully you'll see this and consider (or reconsider) how many fans love your work and how much they want to return. THANK YOU FOR WRITING, it was definitely a pleasure to read :)
4/14/2014 c31 Yunie
So I began reading your story with the mindset that this was going to be a guilty pleasure read and I wasn't going to become too invested in it.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Afton oh my gosh Afton. Although I would have stayed the hell away from Lucian if I were in his place, and I felt he should've been especially mad knowing that Lucian was exposing him to danger, I can see why he would go for Lucian because the guy really is a decent human despite his background. Also, so much bs happened to him in a relatively short amount of time(partially Lucian's fault too), and somehow Afton manages to hold his ground. And chapter 31? Afton is boss(no pun intended).

I honestly didn't like Lucian at all during the beginning but that changed when...honestly, when Afton began to fall for the guy. Actually scratch the at all part because Lucian was quite amusing during some of the early chapters(still didn't really like him). Sure Lucian was being incredibly selfish by being around Afton, but it was obvious that he loved Afton and not only for shallow reasons. He was possessive but he also saw Afton as an individual, and his character wound up growing on me.

So yeah, despite expecting something a little more cliched, this story proved to be so much more than that and had a lot of substance.

I hope to see an update because I know this story is coming to an end and its just too good to remain unfinished.

Take care!
4/12/2014 c10 16Painted Desert
I've just discovered this story and I love it. I love the physical description of Afton and Lucian's domineering and sincere personality. One thing on this chapter and its so small. I simply can't imagine Lucian wearing boxers. It sounds ridiculous but he's a confident, sleek, elegant, and fashionable mafia underboss. I imagine him wearing briefs or at least boxer briefs. Anyway, minuscule really but just my crazy imagination! Love the story!
4/7/2014 c31 Guest
OH MY GOD! Where are you now? please do continue this one... i really love it...man...
as i love you. hahahaha take care always
4/6/2014 c31 Bloobinator
Please please please continue this story.I hope there''ll be a sequel as well. I love if he's subtle I can see he loves ans he's proud of Afton.
I hope your alive and healthy but please give us an update.
3/26/2014 c31 Guest
Please, please, don't be dead, so that you may finish this story!
3/24/2014 c31 ucantcme159
Man, I've re-read the entire series twice this week! It's been forever, but I can't stop hoping for an update! I love almost all of Afton and Lucian's interaction: it's funny, cute, but can also make your heart pang.

When I was re-reading the part where Marcus says he was supposed to raise Afton, it made me really curious as to what Afton would be like if that happened. Does anybody else wonder?
3/15/2014 c31 Lunar of dreams
This story was worth the love and time, here I thought people couldn't really make the whole mafia theme work but u made it work and for once the main character wasn't so annoying so I loved it xxx

I really want the update!
3/14/2014 c31 makoslits
Iota just two chapters left! Please fin te strength to just finish that! It's too late to abandon now!
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