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6/3/2013 c30 Lullay
Oh My God ! It's really coming to an end, isn't it ? I just can't believe it ! I've been reading this story for about one year and a half and I just can't wrap my head around the fact that some have been here for 4 years.
So I'd like to really applaud you, Beautifully Shattered, for seeing this story to its end. So many writer just give up that it's almost become depressing so to see this seeing its end...I may not have been here since the beginning, I may not have let as many reviews as I should have but I still feel weirdly proud to still be reading this. I can only imagine what other readers must feel !
And this story is so...alive. It's definitely one the most living story I've found on here, I can see, hear, touch and smell (kinda creepy but mehh !) your characters. Afton and Lucian are over-their-heads in love but it's not sickly sweet and overplayed, you can literally imagine it ! Like, the way Afton doesn't hug Lucian when he comes in the room, it's things like that that really make the story.
And also, I'd like to mention it's the only MxM story I've ever read in here without ever replacing one of the main character by a girl. It's well balanced so I don't feel that some character have mismatched personalities.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you wrap this up, because the ending will really make the story. I'd hate to see a rushed and hastily wrapped ending. Then again, I don't think I have to fear that, you've never disappointed me and the chapters have always been well worth the wait.

Kisses from a fan whos has finally decided to make her presence known !
6/3/2013 c30 calamity jane
Yes reunited at last! Thank you for another awesome update! I can't wait to find out what happens next and what part Marcus will play in it. There are so many various dynamics in this story, and you do a great job writing them all.

You don't write short chapters (which I am so happy for), but I read each one so quickly it always to end too quickly! :)
6/3/2013 c30 elena
how did i live so long without this? this was a great chapter, can't wait to see waht happens next. :)
6/2/2013 c30 bonky jo
This part was soo endearing:

" I realized that Lucian and I possessed a different kind of love. It didn't mean one of us loved the other more, or that one of our ways of loving was better than the other. It just meant we were compatible. I didn't think our relationship would work at all if we both possessed the same kind of love. "

The way this was worded just feels so right. It just shows their love has a measure of balance which is great. I'm also glad that earlier on Lucian expressed his wants/wishes with Afton b/c they both need to be more upfront with each other...

On another note, Marcus is such an enigma?! Lol I wanna see underneath his mask, b/c obviously there is some emotion there. I bet in some ways he's like Lucian. Lucian has his underboss mask whereas Marcus has the mask of a soldier I guess? Anyways can't wait to see what Afton's plan is! And thanks for this chapter :-)
6/2/2013 c30 Celestialuna
I'm very sad knowing my favorite story is almost at its end, but if you could stretch it to three or four chapters I'd be a little happy. Awesome chapter as always.
6/2/2013 c30 LiveLoveRead95
Let me clarify this so the author of this wonderful story can understand how i feel : I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! It is amazing. I love all the characters, drama, action, love, but most of all, i love Afton. Please update soon. I want to see what will happen next :3
6/2/2013 c30 HIVENET
6/2/2013 c30 Guest
Waitworth it!
6/2/2013 c30 SassyGrl
Great chappie! Please keep writing even when this is all finished!
6/2/2013 c30 26TriploblasticSkies
I spotted a mistake. Somewhere in between, when Lucian was thanking Afton, he said he was grateful for his sacrifices and selfishness. I think you intended writing selflessness. I'm not sure if you've been already made aware about this, but I thought of it as my duty to inform you. :)

About the chapter, I'd firstly praise you and your killer imagination! *Grins* Somehow, you never cease to amuse me with the award winning chapters you write. Its like every single thing was planned from the beginning. Everything is flawless, and there isn't a single blooper. Well, I've not yet spotted any.
The last part was adorable. You know, with all that Lucian's grinning and showing his emotions, it made me feel warm from inside.

I like Marcus. I'm not sure if my judgement about him was correct earlier, but right now I can confidently say that I like him. He's calculating, strong, and somewhat admirable. Even though he is a criminal. But I like how even a man like Marcus let his emotions show today when he talked about Marcelo and Benny Conti.

Overall, I love the chapter, and had actually been waiting for it impatiently for some few days now, Lol. Honestly, I'm gonna miss Mafia Runner utterly. It's one of the best stories ever on FictionPress and I hope we'll get to see more of such marvelous work from you.

Hope ya get time to update soon. Good work as always! :D
6/2/2013 c30 Kat
Thank you for updating! That was a great chapter-I wonder what Afton's plan is...?
6/2/2013 c30 5Blueyes57
LOL I think Nora got the child she was looking for. lol Just not the cold , controlled one everyone thought she wanted. She got one with the brains lol Ah, just think what he'll be like when he's older and has more experiences under his belt!
Thanks for the update!
6/1/2013 c30 Guest
Ahh beautiful! I love the idea that Afton and Lucian have different, but equally strong types of love. It does seem crazy that Lucian would literally leave it all for Afton, but I guess he can always go skydiving if he needs some thrills :) I love that this picked up almost where it left off, but we didn't really get to see much into how Afton is coping. I bet the first night he goes to sleep will be very traumatic, I hope you let us in on it ;) I love this story so much, Lucian and Afton are so sweet and perfect, and have been through so much. I really hope they get their happily ever after! Loved this chapter, fantastic writing!
6/1/2013 c30 P.Rivers
I can't believe it's almost over...I'm so happy you never abandoned this story I absolutely adore it.
6/1/2013 c30 orangerose3
Afton and Lucian are finally back together... I hope everything works out for them. lol
Thanks for updating :)
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