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5/7/2013 c29 Gitta
Oh and two excellent things: loved that Afton HAD to kill to avoid being killed and the character of his biological father is also interesting! Although i still want Lucian to cuddle Afton close and let them have their happy ever after :D
5/7/2013 c29 Gitta
Jesus, what horrors you have chosen to put Afton through! And poor Lucian too... I just want Afton to finally open up to Lucian and be happy with him... 29 chapters of struggle for these boys seem too cruel :) :) :)
5/7/2013 c29 Apeirophobic Angel
I know most of my reviews and/or reactions to this consist of me screeching, but honestly I can't help it at all
5/6/2013 c29 26TriploblasticSkies
My apologies for the late review. I read the chapter on my mum's cell, and unfortunately, I cannot review with it.
Anyways, the chapter was amazing! I like Lucian more. It was as if I was waiting for him to show up. I'm Glad to see that Aria is safe.
But man, the action here was fabulous. I just loved the chapter. And I like Afton's biological father. He's interesting.
Would be waitin' for the next chapter. Impatiently.
Later! :D
5/6/2013 c29 5xXKimiko SakakiXx

I could FEEL the adrenaline and intensity from this chapter. Great job:) Can't wait for the next! May we FINALLY get a Happy Ever After?!
5/6/2013 c29 Guest
I like that fact that Afton was a killer, it wouldn't have beem realistic if he didn't. Anywho, this chapter gave me shivers
5/6/2013 c29 Kirsdarkenvar1
Brilliant, action filled, and I feel a major PTSD coming on for Afton
5/5/2013 c29 Guest
Ahhhhhh! That was sooo dramatic and amazing! Man, Afton's dad is scary! And poor Afton, he is so damaged now, I can't wait to see how you work through that in the next chapter. Please pick up like right where you left off, I don't want you to time jump and leave out Afton's initial emotional trauma. . . I want to see what he experiences right after and how he will try to get through it! Your writing was more beautiful and realistic than ever, I am in awe of your story. Thank you so much for writing, and I CANNOT wait for the next update!
5/5/2013 c29 toriew
This chapter was excellent. You write great action scenes, and I loved all of the tension and suspense. I'm glad Afton and Aria have formed a bond even if it was due to terrible circumstances. I'm also happy he came up with an escape plan instead of waiting to be rescued. I can't wait for the next chapter! It should be interesting to see how Afton will be effected, whether his relationship with Gabriel (Lucian's dad) will change, and how Marcus Collins will fit into the picture.
5/5/2013 c29 Fairy4u
Thanks for the update. Hoping for a happy ending here.
5/5/2013 c29 Guest
I like that fact that Afton was a killer, it wouldn't have beem realistic if he didn't. Anywho, this chapter gave me shivers
5/5/2013 c29 3morningstorm70
OMG poor Afton update soon
5/5/2013 c29 FilleInsomniaque229
WOAH. Holy shiz-nutballs.
I think I love you. just for this chapter. Now can we get a bit of Luciano/Afton lovin' up in here?
5/5/2013 c29 Green Eliza
wow wow wow. So freaking good! Edge of my seat!
5/5/2013 c29 Reena
What a thrilling chapter...hope it's not ending to soon I love this story:)
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