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for Mafia Runner

5/4/2013 c29 anon
5/1/2013 c28 6TheWitch'sLover
Good chapter, looking forward to the update! :)
4/30/2013 c10 TheWitch'sLover
This reminds me of the manga Viewfinder...with less rape? Tis good, I am enjoying myself :)
4/30/2013 c5 TheWitch'sLover
I felt I should leave a review...
Just started reading this, and am hooked!
...There, duty done :)
Great story!
4/29/2013 c1 asdf
i just realize how awesome the title is (symbolically awesome). mafia lucian, runner afton. it could also mean someone who runs a mafia (lucian), or someone who runs from the mafia (afton). omg. so perfect T_T you are a genius.
4/28/2013 c28 redfgh
woah. very awesome updates!
4/26/2013 c28 chibikodo
Blaise is a silly kid. Poor Aria is going to be traumatized for a long time. It's okay Afton.
4/21/2013 c28 LostMyMind
Nooo. How do you sleep at night after droping such a cliff-hanger
4/19/2013 c28 HIVENET
shit thought why did they have to go and get Aria
...Atleast they have each other and a lamp and one dead body
4/19/2013 c28 Lullay
Yay for an update !
I was losing hope ! I guess it's really coming to an end !
I look forward to the next part !
4/19/2013 c28 5xXKimiko SakakiXx
You have no idea how deeply attached with this story. I rarely read mafia stories since they're always to cheesy and fake. But this is quite real. Family over business? Serious stuff.

I do hope you'll update soon with the next chapter! This plot cannot get more complicated than this...right?!
4/18/2013 c28 Guest
OMG such a cliffhanger! I'm glad you inserted Afton's real father in the story, it definately adds to the flavor and I can't wait to see what comes of it. PLEASE! Don't kill off Aria?
4/18/2013 c28 SassyGrl
wow, intense and crazy chapter!

Please update asap for the fans! Keep writing :)
4/18/2013 c28 Pastels
Thank you so much for your hard work. I always check your page every few days to check when you update. Your story is one of the best stories I had pleasure reading so thanks again :)
4/17/2013 c28 Bobette13
Dude, dude, dude! Cliffhangers! Legion of cliffhangers! For the love of god please get the next chapter up soon!

On the other hand, I sneakily avoided a few by deliberately waiting a few updates to read these last couple chapters ... and holy cow, words do not properly express the shit that's gone down. Particularly what the emotional trauma's gonna look like once things are all said and done. Poor Aria. Also, leaving the dead body in the cell, could they stoop any lower? I mean, excellent tactic if you don't want your prisoner gaining any sense of equilibrium or formulating a coherent plan, but ... eugh. Not cool.

And what's the sperm donor's relation? I mean, is he actually attached to his distant son, under the mafia-personna? Did he come all the way out at Ellen Reed's request, or was he already in town with some of the other members of the Conti family, or did he get word that his son was in trouble?

Mmyeah. Yay semicoherent reviews! I'll attempt to read the next chapter when I'm not wired and half asleep (always fun, that combination).
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