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5/5/2013 c28 Kat
Thanks for updating ;) That was an awesome chapter. I enjoyed the way you described Afton’s feelings when he saw his father (er..brother) again. I was somewhat shocked at Marcello’s death-it was very realistic, in that it was almost an understatement, but still very moving at the same time. Thank you ;)
5/5/2013 c29 thanks
thanks for all!
5/5/2013 c29 Celestialuna
So much trauma! poor little Aria. She's probably gonna feel safe only with Afton since he basically saved her. She's gonna be his little shadow. Very good chapter. I like how you described Marcus, all dangerous and mysterious.
5/4/2013 c29 orangejuice190
Omg. Omg. Seriously?
I always. Always! Get into the chapter. Then, BAM! It ends. Like. Wtf ? I just love this story.

For obvious reasons, update more. When you do, I sometimes have to reread the whole thing. But I don't care! That's how awesome this story is. Kudos to you!

I'm sensing that this is just about over, which I hope it isn't! If it is, I sure hope you make a sequel. Nothing will top these chapters though!

I usually would post on my actual account (OrangeJuice190) but I was too lazy to login. Anyways, hurrrry up and update :)
5/4/2013 c29 anon
5/1/2013 c28 6TheWitch'sLover
Good chapter, looking forward to the update! :)
4/30/2013 c10 TheWitch'sLover
This reminds me of the manga Viewfinder...with less rape? Tis good, I am enjoying myself :)
4/30/2013 c5 TheWitch'sLover
I felt I should leave a review...
Just started reading this, and am hooked!
...There, duty done :)
Great story!
4/29/2013 c1 asdf
i just realize how awesome the title is (symbolically awesome). mafia lucian, runner afton. it could also mean someone who runs a mafia (lucian), or someone who runs from the mafia (afton). omg. so perfect T_T you are a genius.
4/28/2013 c28 redfgh
woah. very awesome updates!
4/26/2013 c28 chibikodo
Blaise is a silly kid. Poor Aria is going to be traumatized for a long time. It's okay Afton.
4/21/2013 c28 LostMyMind
Nooo. How do you sleep at night after droping such a cliff-hanger
4/19/2013 c28 HIVENET
shit thought why did they have to go and get Aria
...Atleast they have each other and a lamp and one dead body
4/19/2013 c28 Lullay
Yay for an update !
I was losing hope ! I guess it's really coming to an end !
I look forward to the next part !
4/19/2013 c28 5xXKimiko SakakiXx
You have no idea how deeply attached with this story. I rarely read mafia stories since they're always to cheesy and fake. But this is quite real. Family over business? Serious stuff.

I do hope you'll update soon with the next chapter! This plot cannot get more complicated than this...right?!
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