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3/27/2013 c3 Katchat
You write well! This was a very enjoyable chapter-I wonder what'll happen to Afton and Tony...?
3/27/2013 c2 Katchat
Wow! This story moves quickly :) A wonderful chapter, thanks.
3/20/2013 c1 Guest
Please to update this book I don't want to be left hanging so if you could find at least a little but of spare time update the book. I will be so grateful
3/18/2013 c27 11Indalecio
This fic doesn't have plot twists it has plot meteor showers,
Love it
3/18/2013 c27 Slytherin'sChosenOne
I just started reading this a week ago and I can't stop! Your writing style is impeccable and the plot is really good! Hope you'll update soon! Can't wait what happens next.
3/16/2013 c19 1Staphy
OK. I have to stop now. I had a F exam this morning, and all I was able to do during the all F night was reading your story. I studied for 2 hours at most, and I read your story the rest of the night. Then I told my mother I only slept two hours and she answered me "you shouldn't study that much"... yeah, If she knew the truth...
But actually, you'll be the only one to know :D

So, NOW, I'm going to bed, because I slept 2 hours last night BECAUSE of you (and because of this f exam... If I could go back to the past, I'd tell my youngest me to NOT study law) and then, I kept on reading your story until know. I have a BIG party tonight (yeah, my life is so interesting) to celebrate the end of the mid semester exam (every occasion is good to party) so I have to sleep. Otherwise, I'd keep on reading.

This is the first time I'm so into a story. Actually, I think this is my second best story on the English fandom (I'm French by the way, so sorry for the bad writing). After Close protection, but it's truly different. i'm just more into "3rd character POV". But for a first character pov, it's pretty awesome. What am I saying? It's brillant !

I love them. I love Afton, I love Luciano, I love Tony, I love everything. I'm disturbing by the fact that Afton doesn't like painting anymore... like "what the fuck?" but I think it's really realistic. How many students think they want to do something very particular and when they get into it, they just give it up because they hate it?

So yeah, I love the analysis of your characters. Sometimes, I think Luciano is too perfect to be real, like he has the right answers at right time, always arrogant and self centered, and even in his love for Afton, he is perfect. He acts perfectly. It's quite disturbing. But I do love him, and you sure know how to make us addicted to your sweet couple (did I just say sweet? Ah ah, this isn't the right word for them).

And gosh, it's SO complicated, and I'm sure it's going to get more and more complicated. and you'd have so MANY ways to end this story, I'm afraid. I know you said you're not that much into angst, but actually, I'd love to see Afton leaving for his own goods, making Art in France. (;D) and Luciano would become worst than his father, a man of ice.

... No? Ok, your choice :D I'd love to see them both happy !

So even your fluffy chapters are not that fluffy. they are fun, and true, as if we could feel the same than the characters. It's overwhelming ! And I laughed several times while reading you, which does not happen often. It's easier to make someone cry than to make him laugh, to my point of view.

So I'm only at Chapter 19 but I know your story isn't complete so I don't want to hurry. I know I said that, but I'm sure I'll have it finish at the end of the week end.

Exams? What the hell are you talking about ? XD

Hum. I don't know you and I'm really talkative. Sorry about that. You could say it's because I'm French. French people are really stupids. Not my fault. At all.

Yeah. So before I forgot, I wanted to send you a 'little' review to honor your fiction, because this story is awesome, as a consequence, you're awesome.

Thanks a lot !

And see you soon :)

3/14/2013 c27 lostlamb
3/13/2013 c27 Shadow Ravon
3/11/2013 c27 11FaithSins
I'm very impressed with your sense of writing, I love it. They were some missed spells but with everything going on and the plot it makes up for it. I'm anxious to read more of what happens to Afton and Lucian and if all the drama gets situated. I really hope you up date soon. Keep it up your doing great! :D
3/10/2013 c27 Guest
Please don't turn this into a rape, I hate rape fics. Aria and Afton...just please don't.
3/9/2013 c27 kero78
Oh my goodness! More and more surprises! Thanks for the update. I hope Afton's poor little noggin is ok!
3/8/2013 c27 Kirsdarkenvar1
This chapter was epic! So excited-Yet bummed that it will be over soon T-T
3/8/2013 c27 2Bananafishh
Ermg. This story is fantastisch. I absolutely love those stories where there's layers upon layers of deceit and general assholeishness. Throw in a Mafia and BAM. Perfect story :) Well expect for the few and far between typos, but you haven't a beta and nobody is perfect. Please keep updating. Kudos to you writer xxx
3/7/2013 c27 HIVENET
I'd call you an asshole for making me tear up but this is getting waaay too good.
3/7/2013 c27 Guest
I love this book please continue to write
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