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1/8/2013 c25 calamity jane
I caught up on the last 5 chaps and was blown away! I swear your writing improves with every chapter and it was good from the start! Have you thought about trying to get it published? I would so buy the book!

I have "fallen" for Afton and Lucian even more. I like the way they work things out and talk about them together. I was so mad with Gabriele chasing off Afton, but I understood why Afton did what he did. I just wish he had called Lucian first instead of Tony. And how Lucian didn't kill (or seriously injure) his brother is beyond me and just proves the control he has.

And now poor Aria is missing!? There are so many suspects behind that one and I look forward to finding out who and how it all works out.

Keep up the awesome work and I hope you decide to write a sequel!
1/8/2013 c25 Sapere
Yay! I so want afton to be the head of some huge company. Maybe make the family go 'good' i don't really care.. And so sweet that luciano is calling his wine 'afton' :)
1/6/2013 c25 bellehawk
Awesome as usual, this chapter totally compansates for all the wait and re-reading the story from the beginning out of boredom
1/4/2013 c25 monnz
So, this chapter literally has me shaking. Holy fuck. The twist was crazy and perfectly timed! I am so excited for the next chapter I am literally going to go insane if I don't get to find out what happens next soon! Good job!
1/4/2013 c25 4purple-wolf-howl
very great twist! I think it makes the story that more exciting! When I read about Afton's heritage I was beyond shocked, words can't describe it. I've don't understand how this 'cliche' is a cliche at all but only makes it another hurtle that Afton and Luciano have to over come, making the story more realistic- in a way. Couples don't overcome just one hurtle but many to reach thier happy ending! Love the story! Update soon!
1/4/2013 c25 chibikodo
Hmm The more we know, the crazier things are getting. Poor Afton... Maybe his suspicion of De Luca was well founded. But what bad luck.
1/4/2013 c25 starryeyeddaydreamer9
And the plot gets thicker ... Is that possible ahah ? Love it ! You're an amazing author ! I look forward to the next chapter ! Plus one day for afton and lucine I can imagine them in their vineyard with children and a cute dog ! I hope they get their peace one day
1/4/2013 c25 Guest
wow, this chapter was incredible. I love how complex and emotionally charged this story is, everything flows very well and seems very realistic. Your characters are so deep and so easy to sympathize with (poor afton and lucian :( I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter, I'm kinda mad at afton for running into a bad part of town and getting mugged, but I understand his actions considering how sketchy de luca is and how when adrenaline takes over you don't really pay attention to where you are running. THANKS for the update! You totally made my day!
1/4/2013 c1 Gitta
Luciano is more and more likeable... Dont get me wrong, I liked him just fine at the beginning of the story, but by this chapter, he has come really long way as a character. Earlier I just smiled at his statement that he would leave the maffia for Afton and a peaceful life, but now I see you have developed him quite nicely. By the way, I really really like these very interesting turn of events with Afton's true parentage! Like you mentioned in your note, it may be cliche but it WORKS with the story perfectly... I could really see Norah do something like that. Women with power and ambition... :)
Concerning the relationship of Afton and Luciano, I miss dearly their cute / infuriating / tender moments and you nearly had my heart melting down with Afton professing love on the phone while all Luciano could do was listen to it coolly. I really wish they could just hug it out :D
1/4/2013 c25 EmeraldReporter
What?! Would you do that?

Why would you hit him a cross the head?!
1/4/2013 c25 serahei
Wow, so much drama on this chapter.
But it keeps the suspense up.
Great chapter, i love the new development.
Thanks for the update!
1/4/2013 c25 Kirsdarkenvar1
What a twist! I love it, and I love the drama. Do continue!
1/3/2013 c25 3OrangeJuice190
I just read from the first chapter till this chapter. One thing to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with your writing skills, rounded characters, plot development. I rather enjoyed this. Look forward to the final chapter.

I like how you wrote their relationship. It seemed so realistic, not like all the other relationships I read, all about the fluff. Not every single relationship is like that. There are fights, obstacles to overcome.

Not just the romantic relationship, the friendship seemed real. The bond between Afton and Tony was written beautifully.

Can't wait till the next chapter. Update soon.

1/3/2013 c25 jenner
You need to update-.- that is all. haha seriously im addicted to this story and i would like you to take your time in order to do it right but its just such a cliff hanger every time! XD ahhh the plot is just getting better every chapter, keep up the fantastic work! i look forward to the next chapter!
1/3/2013 c25 Bobette13
Aaaaack poor Afton, and what the heck, holy revelations in this chapter! And what's up with De Luca anyway, were Afton's creeper senses on track or was he just overreacting from an (understandably) very stressfull situation?

Heh, now we know why Afton didn't get the standard Italian looks. Wonder what his reaction will be when he finds out, and who ends up spilling the beans...
(In response to your AN:) Meh, if it was out of nowhere it would've felt cliche, but it definitely fits into the fic and what little we know so far of that side of Afton's family. Also, sequel? Woot. How long do you think this fic will end up being?
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