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7/2/2018 c33 Cookie
Okay, I admit, I was confused and excited when I got the notification for this chapter because I swear I thought Mafia Runner was done, but THEN, I REALIZE THERE'S A NEW STORY! IT'S FANTASY! AND OMGTHEREMIGHTBEASEQUEL! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
7/2/2018 c33 resalith
Yay! It's great to know you're active! Mafia Runner is one of my all time faves. I'll definitely check out Immunity!
3/13/2018 c1 7Luneternelle
I've read your story a few months ago (or maybe was it a year... I really remember) and since it had kept me awake for some nights (maybe three), when I finished it, I hadn't really the energy to leave a review. But it's time to do it.

English isn't my mothertongue, by the way. So I apologize if I leave any mistake.

Soooooo... I admit it took me maybe two or three times before I could read the whole first chapter. A matter of getting into the story, I think. Whatever, when I finally managed to read the chapter one, I could stop. Like really.

You story mesmerized me and I liked it a lot, it surprised me a few times... Nah, let's be honest: several times I was like "Whaaaaaaat?" and "Oh my gooooooood!" and "Shitshitshitshit!". Yeah, I'm scary when I read.

But where was I? Ah yeah. I really liked your story and the biggest (and main) default I could mention is the lack of realism (but it doesn't make the story illogical so it's not really a big bother) and the big, BIG motherfucking plotwist at the end (which I will not talk about here because I like to read comments sometimes before reading a new story and I know some people do the same, and I hate being spoiled). But fiction is made to be fiction, and maybe in another dimension it's a true story, we never know...

Anyway, I'll stop there and thank you again for writing this story with its qualities and its defaults :)
2/1/2018 c24 Guest
I'm new to this site and never even really considered it before, on a whim (and due to losing passion for Fanfiction as of late) I decided to try this site out. This is the first piece of art (and boy do I emphasis the art part as best as I can) I tried. And honestly I'm so disappointed and frustrated in myself because I know no matter how hard I try I will never find anything on this site as magnificent as this story. I love how the characters are so raw and real. I love Tony and Afton, they're adorable and what I love in friendships. While I'm reading this I keep thinking that there's no way you can cause me even more second hand stress than before but I'm proved wrong every time. The ending of this chapter was proof enough of that, I'm on the metaphorical edge of my seat. I'm so desperate for answers and resolutions right now, I just want Aftons safety and happiness! I've felt more emotions reading this story than I have with any other, I love a good mafia story and this is by far the best I've ever read. This chapter also made me like Aftons mother a lot more too. God I hope I don't end up crying the next chapter.
9/22/2017 c32 MakaY
God. I've just finished your story. Truly amazing! I was my favourite story in a long time, no kidding. I loved the way you write, the way you introduce your characters, how you made them deal with their problems and how you put some incredible plot twist in the story (there was so much of them - awesome). I also really enjoyed the relationship of Lucian and Afton: how they learned to trust each other step by step, to eventually accept themselves and embrace their love. It reflects how people should act in a love relationship (except for the mafia stuff.. lol) Maybe people will find this bxb slow and pretty long, but I personally fell in love with it. It was perfect to entertain me. 3 I'll keep you in memory.
7/2/2017 c32 vh132
Thank you so much for this story ! :)
5/2/2017 c32 Eme
I came back and read this again and I love it just as much every time :)
4/12/2017 c11 tdr
Did Lucian's mother had him at 15/16 years old? because if his brother is 19, and he's 4 years older, that means he's 23, and if his mom is nearing 40 (let's say she's 39), meaning 39 minus 23 16, so she got pregnant at 15 or so.
2/11/2017 c7 Shiina
Afton really is too naive. He doesn't realize how dangerous Lucian is until he points a gun at his brother's head? And after he does, he dismisses it almost, like it never happened?! Or does it really not matter to him that Lucian is half-way too being a psychopath?
It was when Lucian said that he 'doesn't get jealous, he only is possessive' that I truly started disliking him. That's so fucked up.
2/11/2017 c2 Shiina
I KNOW they'll end up together because of the summary and because of romance fic logic but I really don't want them to. Not because I don't like Romano, he's actually pretty decent, but because I don't want Afton to get involved in his world of crime. I already love Afton and I want him to fulfill his dreams but if he gets entangled in the Mafia business I'm sure it's going to ruin him, he won't be able to escape the things he hates so very much. Reading this feels like watching a train wreck in slow mo.
12/31/2016 c32 Guest
Just wanted to say thank you for the story, and for completing it. A very well writing story, I loved it. I always find myself rereading it, I love it so much. I like how it wasn't all about sex, how the storyline was believable and especially that you finished it. I hope you continue writing because you're a great author.
12/27/2016 c32 renell.mallari.1995
Amazing story! It is one of my favorites! Please don't stop writing. I'll read anything you write!
10/18/2016 c32 Guest
You have given me a distraction and made me happy with this story in a very difficult time in my life and for that I thank you.

It was amazing, thanks for the ride!
8/28/2016 c32 lorenzo86
Thanks for this wonderful fiction, I can only say that I frequent this site for novel like yours. The story plot is thrilling the caracters are full of life and depts . The romance is hot and it's written so well that you can only hope for more . Are you gonna make a book 2 ? I honestly hope so I am a fan of your book and will be egerly waiting for more thanks so much for bringing us this wonderful fiction
8/28/2016 c31 Guest
Wow he did it that's great , at least that one problem gone
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