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for Mafia Runner

8/28/2016 c9 Guest
so cute thanks again for the chapter
8/28/2016 c8 Guest
oh it nice to have a brother like that thanks for the chapter
8/28/2016 c6 Guest
I really love this fiction it'ds great the storyline is well develloped and the caracaters have depts . It's great I hope soon their will be even more publication under your name
7/22/2016 c32 6Collins-A
No matter how many times I read this, I will always love this. Im almost not satisfied because I want to read about their lives until they're old and gross and then once they're both in heaven (because if Lucien can be with Afton, then his soul is obviously salvageable) and til the end of time, basically. I'm gonna reread in a few months, again.
6/27/2016 c32 Bloodedlife94
This is the best story ever! I have only lately begun to read original stories, seeing as i was kind of obsessed with fanfiction. But i have to admit that your stories are the best ones out there ;)
6/21/2016 c32 Shay Carson
Just wow. That was amazing, the journey you took these characters on was brilliant. I laughed and cried and at some points had to stop reading coz I was so damn emotional. Thank you for this. I know I will read it again. Take care x
6/21/2016 c24 Shay Carson
Oh my god, what are you trying to do to me. I'm almost to scared to go to the next chapter, but I will x
6/12/2016 c32 samekraemer
Such a great story! Really enjoyed it.
6/7/2016 c32 Guest
I really enjoyed your story, and loved all the characters. You should consider writing more about Marcus, he quickly became one of my favorites
5/20/2016 c32 GoddessAphrael
No matter how many times I read this book (I've already read it three times this year), I always seem to fall more and more in love with it. The story and characters are captivating, I can't help but adore it
5/15/2016 c32 lorenzo
Thanks for a great novel I really enjoyed reading it ... Hope that there will be a number 2
5/14/2016 c32 ArtisteVirago
If you ever publish this story (which you definitely should!), I am so gonna buy it! I enjoyed reading it so much. Thank you!
5/6/2016 c8 RyanGreenGrumps
I just wanted to leave a quick comment about how much I'm enjoying this story, it's fucking amazing!
4/6/2016 c8 Guest
This is sick. What fool would laugh, joke, date, and kiss with a guy that fired your father from their life long career for doing what fathers do best: be disappointed in their children, expressed clear murderous intent against your brother for wanting to protect you, admitting that the only reason your brother draws breath is because there would be no consensual sex otherwise, and has your whole family threatened and terrorized. Either the author doesn't have a family or the character Afton is delibrately weak and pathetic for all the antagonistic "I'm different and better than everyone else around me" thoughts he indulges himself with.
4/6/2016 c7 Guest
I would never think the man that points a gun at my brother is a decent man. Our exchanges would end there, period. Wtf. Afton is all attitude but like a weak minded little girl.
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