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11/19/2015 c31 13creativesmarts
Blaise only said three sentences, but I think his part was my favorite part of the chapter:P I could just see it perfectly in my head as he came in with his smug announcement. Absolutely brilliant.
11/19/2015 c27 creativesmarts
And whoa. Shit just got real.
11/19/2015 c25 creativesmarts
At least he still has his underwear...that's good.
So wait...his grandmother is actually...his mother...?
Which would make his mother...his sister...who gave birth to him...
Wow, is all I can say.
11/19/2015 c24 creativesmarts
WTF?! Where did he come from? I hate him right now :(
I hope he doesn't tell Gabriele that Afton contacted Tony...though he probably plans to...this sucks :( (In a good way.)
11/19/2015 c22 creativesmarts
I'm so excited to read the Afton/Gabriele interactions! On to the next chapter I go :)
P.S. Poor Russo, lol, he's adorable. I like him
11/19/2015 c20 creativesmarts
"I kind of feel like I'm sharpening my enemy's blade for him right before a duel."
Well said, Afton xD I'm in love
11/18/2015 c18 creativesmarts
I am so relieved that he and Tony made up:)
And these next few days should be interesting;)
11/18/2015 c17 creativesmarts
Afton's love for food makes me adore him more than I already do :P
I actually like Blaise. I look forward to future interactions with him.
And that ending. *drools*
11/18/2015 c15 creativesmarts
NO! What happened to him?! :(
11/17/2015 c12 creativesmarts
*sobs* This is so sad; I was honestly on the verge of crying when they were saying goodbye by the pool. I can't handle this :'(
I sincerely hope Lucian is able to do what he said...
And I love the way Lucian was describing Afton earlier when he called him "a mirage of innocence and fire, such perfection." Beautiful.
11/17/2015 c32 irishNathan
Thank you for this wonderful story. I had fun reading it. Though my butt is sore right now for reading this on one go. Thanks again :)
11/17/2015 c11 creativesmarts
No no no no no no no!
That's...all I have to say...
Oh, and when his mom said they should have breakfast with Aria, I thought she meant her unborn child, too xD I felt like such an idiot, lol
11/17/2015 c9 creativesmarts
That poor artist!
Haha, such a good chapter:)
11/17/2015 c7 creativesmarts
I couldn't stop laughing when Afton told Summer about his "condition." Especially when she believed him xD
I love his sense of humor :P
11/17/2015 c5 creativesmarts
This is really good so far. (Afton & Tony are hilarious, by the way. I was laughing at them chapter four.)
I nearly started crying when Afton's dad threw out his art and was saying that stuff to him. So sad, and in a way I can relate to his situation:(
Anyway, I'll keep reading; I'm in love with this story right now:)
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