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for Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave

8/30/2009 c9 4ashalayy aka freddi d
i'm kinda shocked a little. but kevein is perfect, being there when it's not even his own baby
8/30/2009 c8 ashalayy aka freddi d
aw that was so sweet!
8/30/2009 c7 ashalayy aka freddi d
yay! lolz i'm sorry if i say that alot but i really like this story!
8/30/2009 c6 ashalayy aka freddi d
eh! yay! finally it happened! but what was she gonna ask.. *dramatic music plays*
8/27/2009 c12 2Kaileena Lee
Wow this is such a great story! I love love love Kevin and Melissa and everyone else(: great work ! Please please please write and update real fast!(:
8/27/2009 c12 Cecilia A

Well, very good, although there was one detail that I noticed. You mentioned that her hair was practically falling out, when in reality your hair STOPS falling out when you're pregnant. (My choir teacher was prgnant all through seventh grade, and she mentioned this multiple times.) It has something to do with the hormones.

Anyway, loved it!

8/27/2009 c8 Kaileena Lee
Awhh Kevin is so perfect in so my ways.
8/27/2009 c7 Kaileena Lee
Oh God I hope Melissa isn't pregnant with Rob's baby! That would be so bad and not to mention realy sad! Oh god! Anyways love your writing!
8/27/2009 c12 4xx-CountingTheStars-xx
hey there

just writing to say i'm loving your story so much, it's totally epic =D

can wait to read what happens i can just feel the drama =P



8/27/2009 c12 2Chloeee
Great story xD Update soon so I can find out what happens next! lol haha xD
8/26/2009 c1 4ashalayy aka freddi d
really good. wanna def see the whole awkward reactions
8/5/2009 c11 lisa189
This story is the best one i have read in a long time!
8/3/2009 c11 1MyMathematicalRomance
YAY! They made Up! So happy!
8/2/2009 c11 Cecilia A

What's he going to do about Sophia, though? Oh well, LOVED IT!

8/2/2009 c11 25KelaBelle
Wonderful X

nice story. :)
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