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9/15/2010 c1 Poptart.Target
up date! up-date! up date! up-date! up date! up-date! please! (please) lol
9/6/2010 c6 11MlleKathy
This was so funny :) I laughed out loud a couple times. I just love how they communicate, please update!
8/11/2010 c2 Josephine Moon
Aside from this being completely freaking hilarious (seriously, ROFLMAO!) this is a really good story! Even though it's a parody, there's something very "real" and engaging about it. I'll definitely be back to read the rest later! :D
7/9/2010 c5 MlleKathy
Write more! I love this!
7/9/2010 c2 MlleKathy
This is so funny! Is it a parody of Twilight? I have never read it, but I've heard so much about it and how cheesy it is. I laughed so hard when Edgar told her, "You Stink." I love how weird he is. :D Thanks!
7/6/2010 c2 Poptart.Target
Wow. This is really good. Its kinda intense but it really got my attention! Nice first chapter.
6/23/2010 c5 1Ironic Bonding
You are F*CKING awesome. write moar kthxbai
5/10/2010 c4 11KT-ImmortalIncarnate
Love the parody! ^_^

It's freaking awesome! I hope you write more cause this is hilarious. My dad was like, "What are you cackling about?" ^_^

Actually, it's written better than the original too... haha...


8/3/2009 c3 Charlie Dyllan
: D

I really like it!

Keep it up, mate!
7/17/2009 c2 Charlie Dyllan
I like it. :D
7/10/2009 c2 nudge-potter from fanfiction
haha, absolutely perfect! You found the real meaning of twilight!
6/28/2009 c2 jackthepumpkin777
lol! I love this story!

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