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2/15/2016 c6 A
My apologies for leaving this under an anonymous review, but I unfortunately do not have an account here on FP, and so this is the best I can do. I have to admit that I've read this story before, but no matter how many times I read it, its charms never fail to win me over. This is most certainly my favorite story to sit down and read over a cup of hot cocoa, dreaming of the Wild West and the gunslinger. Thank you so much for posting; I enjoy it a little more every time.
8/17/2015 c6 klu1
This was a very fun short story.
I will admit, though that I'd forgotten the part of your note at the beginning about this being 'fun' ... Because as Delilah was telling Pure 'Just go ahead, kill me.' I was thinking 'Oh crap this is going to be one of those things where she gets stabbed, then Jonas comes in and she see's he's alive only long enough to see him kill Pure then give her a first-and-last kiss.'

Even after that didn't play out, I was honestly thinking that there could be a twist un-happy ending, right up to the moment they rode off on the horse...

So maybe I'm just a cynic, but I'll prefer to think that you did a good job of suspense ay the end there.
Thanks for writing.
8/14/2014 c6 EmeraldHope
I have been looking for a great Western! I found it!
11/5/2012 c6 3AnnaJamila
Loved it! :)
9/19/2012 c6 Handmaiden of Artemis
Oh my gosh, if I could write something like this in two and half days I would be a happy camper! So cute, so fun. Love it!
3/21/2011 c6 misssweetsweet
Short, sweet, and delightful. I enjoyed this story and count it among one of the better western stories I've come across.
1/26/2011 c6 AmyBabe
Hey, I loved this. Yes it was predictable in parts but it wasn't bad at all. Also, I thought it was well written and better than most of the stuff on here. I really enjoyed reading it. The kind of story which you want now and again. Lighthearted, not too deep but entertaining. Thanks, Amy
12/1/2010 c6 1mpookiew
So good! I think you are such a talented writer and I really enjoy your stories.
11/20/2010 c6 3LanternLight13
It was short, but that didn't lessen it at all. Very well writen. Thanks for sharing.
10/27/2010 c6 XpheonixrisingX
Ah! I freaking LOVE this story! I was so giddy the whole time, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Great job! :D
9/9/2010 c6 LeahMeraz
OMG! I loved this story. I love Jonas and Delilah! It has the perfect ending!
9/2/2010 c6 5I Murder on Impulse
Haha I love it!


7/27/2010 c6 forgetmenotbutterfly
Wow. This was really fun to read, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you! :D
6/20/2010 c6 tamii
I don't think this was cliche or predictable at all! I mean, some aspects of it were but overall I thought it was a really great read. I feel as though Delilah's fears were justified and I'm glad that despite her background, she was given a second chance. I'm really glad I read this :)
5/31/2010 c6 1JustWords
Yay! awesome short story, especially with how Delilah needed someone to be there for her, and despite the spontaneousness of their marriage, Jonas was just what she needed :)

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