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7/21/2009 c21 Ipaintwithwords
Wow great ending! Marissa alive, wonderful. Had hoped to see Marissa and Peter together, but great job!

7/21/2009 c20 Ipaintwithwords
Oh heavens...poor Marissa! Peter how awful...what an intense chapter!

Good job
7/21/2009 c19 Ipaintwithwords
Wow...a real loss of morals and ethics on the part of the GenCo crew...sad how something that starts off with good intentions gets corrupted by greed and power.

Excellent stuff
7/21/2009 c18 Ipaintwithwords
Wow...amazing stuff. It is quite reasonable when people in positions such as these scientists begin a project with very pure motives, to help others and then it gets distorted into something quite different...scary

7/21/2009 c1 Elisabetta Avalone
This is utterly fascinating. I will definitely read more when I'm more awake. I love the characterization.

7/20/2009 c17 Ipaintwithwords
Oh Peter better be careful if he goes to the Anders Institute...wow this is amazing. What is the real reasoning behind all this experiments with clones and synthoids? Whatever pure motives they may have had at the beginning it seems to have gotten out of hand...

7/20/2009 c16 Ipaintwithwords
Wow...the government involvement, amazing stuff. I hope Peter manages to have a good life when this plot if the the government and GenCo unravels...

Good work
7/16/2009 c15 Ipaintwithwords
Another great chapter...Peter got caught...hmm

Really enjoying this alot
7/15/2009 c14 Ipaintwithwords
Another great chapter! Good luck to Peter in getting the information.

Sharon seemed easily forgiving of Marissa for lying. I can understand why Marissa kept it quiet, and I suspect so can Sharon, and obviously Marissa's friendship with Sharon was real and true, but I wonder if Sharon would be more curious as to Marissa's background...:)

Love this story
7/14/2009 c13 Ipaintwithwords
Wow, ok...Marissa a synthoid...never suspected that! Great job, I love this story
7/14/2009 c12 Ipaintwithwords
Oh I love it!

Marissa...perfect with the shovel, and her comment...clearly something no one ever expected, me included

Great job!
7/13/2009 c11 Ipaintwithwords
Oh Oh...Mark...is he going to get rid of them all? Not looking good for any of them. Mark couldn't get rid of them all without someone go after him, there are too many people there...

Still not sure about Mark, good guy, bad guy or misunderstood?

Nice work
7/13/2009 c10 Ipaintwithwords
Really good chapter...Craig is figuring out that Peter is not exactly a human being...I wonder if Craig does figure it out would he have to be disposed of as well?

Good job
7/11/2009 c9 Ipaintwithwords
Lovely work...lots of questions regarding Peter and this Dr. Anders. Are they the same person? The age does not seem to fit, but as mentioned, switching prints would hint at a conspiracy...hm...oh the questions!

Peter likes Marissa, but she seems suspicious of him, rightfully so perhaps, but I hope it won't stop Marissa from keeping an open mind...:)
7/11/2009 c8 Ipaintwithwords
Wow, great chapter. Peter Silver is Dr. Anders who allegedly died 10 years ago. I kind of figured that would be the case, yet it seems Dr. Anders is not dead, so where has he been for 10 years? Hm

Nice work
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