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7/5/2009 c1 8JamieBell
That was really lovely-I'm glad you kept it clean for the purposes of the story. It made it a really classy tale, and much more believable. I'm more inclined to think they truly care for one another. I also really liked how, despite the cliche of a 'golden' and a 'dark' twin, the dark one (who usually is just as cocky as his brother) had his own insecurities. Tucker and Amy seemed like really down-to-earth people, which is what I picture most people as being. I do wonder what has caused the rift between Tristan and Tucker because it seems as though they started out as being extremely close. That might be an interesting dynamic for you to explore, perhaps in other short stories. Anyway, a super satisfying read! Nice work! :)
7/5/2009 c1 DramaticStarlet
Awh, that was so cute:)

Gave me butterflies.

Loved it:)
7/5/2009 c1 5forever-unknown24
this story was phenomenal. I loved it and I just wanted to let you know that your writing is my favorite kind to read what with your style and subject matter. I cant wait to read another one of your stories. I know it will be just as fantastic as Battle Scars. Ps I would really like it if you reas my story Fighting Addiction for a Reason. Loved the story and the characters.

7/5/2009 c1 emoskankx67
Oh man, that was one of the best oneshots I've ever read! It was beautifully written, believable, and just AWESOME! Lol. I look forward to reading more of your work. ;]
7/5/2009 c1 23Unwritten Answers
Oh this is great, I really liked this! You wrote it very well and the characters really came to life for me. (: Great job!
7/5/2009 c1 12TheAirIbreathe
This is great :) I like the scars scene, I could almost taste the intimacy. It seems kind of fast, the way they end up confessing, but I'm sure that's the whole point of the Oneshot, lol.
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