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3/16/2013 c32 3A twist to life
Drugs are bad for you ... ((mock scolding tone))
3/16/2013 c28 A twist to life
Oh yes... What happened, did happen... And the excitment at the frustrations brought by your awsome cliff-ies is over whelming!
P.s : just thought to let you know that i try to add every "option" you give to your readers, regarding your story, in some of the author notes at the end.:-D p.p.s: till now im sure i did pretty well :-P
3/16/2013 c15 A twist to life
I would love the doc to be my grandpa...
Sadly all my grandparents died when i was very young
3/16/2013 c13 A twist to life
R&R-ed...well i am technically pressing the review button... So yea!
3/16/2013 c12 A twist to life
Cole's character:- A moody, broody like which tipped over the border and into the territory of loving his character, a few chapters back :-D
3/16/2013 c9 A twist to life
Hi :-D!
Huh? What ya' know... I'm aaaliiive ((sing-song voice))
Okay, to be serious for once, im not in any way making fun of you or your writting.
Your story is wonderful, the characters colourful and the ideas very genuine...ful :-D
The only reason i send these types of messages is cause you've already got reviews in the hundreds. You,ve already been given every form of compliments or suggestions for the story, of which i'm certain. Ontop of all this im not sure if you still read reviews of the stories you complete.
But if you do, then my messages, in the form of reviews, is to make you smile or to laugh lightly at my random-ness :-D
3/16/2013 c7 A twist to life
A hate so strong that it bubbles into a love potion during the span of " just reading " this great story which simply stinks of...greatness?!
:-P A light jab at your authors note :-D
3/16/2013 c2 A twist to life
I'm reviewing to ask what you smoked, seeing that the amount of names nearly threw me off but for some ridiculous reason ive gotten into it...sooo gimme the new chapter :-D A little jab at your authors note :-P
2/25/2013 c42 DarkHorseLover
2/27/2013 c42 5XxSkullDuggery2152xX
I loved it. You're a great writter.
2/13/2013 c42 19Alaeryel
2/12/2013 c14 Alaeryel
Short and simple-BAWLING!
2/12/2013 c11 Alaeryel
Well Cirya-not that her getting hurt is funny but I couldn't help chuckling through some of it-especially when she said 'atleast I didn't get eaten by an alligator'-that was priceless. Great job with your writing this story-brilliant.
2/12/2013 c7 Alaeryel
I loved this chapter and I too really wanted to know what Troy was going to say but was cut off! It also brought tears to my eyes-don't ask me why-I don't know. I am glad she and Julia are getting along and Troy too-COLE IS A MYSTERY TO ME!
2/12/2013 c6 Alaeryel
I have a gut feeling about Cole but will keep it to myself. I also think maybe Troy could like Jade but will just have to wait and see-great writing Cirya!
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