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for Forever Waiting On Nothing At All

7/6/2012 c40 8Hayley Jade Alisdair
I forgot to eat lunch because this was so amazing... Just kidding- it's dinner time :) but the epicness of this story has reached phenomenal levels! One of my all time favourites so far, you have a remarkable gift for writing! I cannot wait until the next update!

7/5/2012 c5 6sooner or later its over
i like Chris and Irene, they seem really sweet and Naples FL, is a cool place i hear :) can't wait to read more
7/5/2012 c4 sooner or later its over
I like that they are 'shipping' her off because it's a different take to the werewolf romance stories. Its cool he won't be someone from her pack. and just out of curiosity, did you have a specific place in Florida she's going to?
7/5/2012 c3 sooner or later its over
still brilliant :)
7/5/2012 c2 sooner or later its over
Ah I loved it! Your dialog is extremely realistic [I just imagined all of the girls sitting around gossiping and chatting] I also about DIED laughing when I read : "I've wagged my tail at pretty much every single boy within an acceptable age range in our pack. No one wants me."

excellent job :)
7/4/2012 c40 3MidnightFall
glad your back...I missed this story! So Cole ran the Trial for her? Does that mean they are mates and why didn't he want her there if the one wolves run for have to take care of them afterwards?

OMG...they are just so good together. I love Cole and Jade's relationship. Please update really soon!
7/4/2012 c40 Emily Anne Knight
Yay! Finally another chapter. I've been checking FP about once a week, since nobody on my watch list has been updating. This is a welcome present. I've been wondering where Buddy hightailed it off to. Now I know. Next chapter please?
7/3/2012 c40 1Huntress in the Night
This is an amazing story! I can hardly believe that you aren't selling something like this at a\ book store, you writing is so captivating and phenomenal, I almost feel like I should give up before I've started...I love it, and please keep writing! :)
7/3/2012 c40 16mizgardenia21
I Love this story, and yes that did deserve a capital letter. So Cole's an idiot-righto that's already been established. And Jade...she's awesome and in this chapter a bit too impetuous but again Cole's an idiot so we can't fault her too much for that, now can we?
7/1/2012 c40 devs
Ahhhh! You are a cliffhanger master lol. I am psyched out of my mind that Cole is running for Jade. Yay!
7/1/2012 c40 Snow Wolf Alpha
Goodness, I'll probably hold my breath until we find out the reason Cole kept this from her. I have a bad feeling.

Great to read more. Keep it up.
7/1/2012 c40 DELETE THIS ACCOUNT NOW 323402
GAH! FINALLY! I love love love love this story! But I still don't understand why Cole went through the trial...

6/29/2012 c39 Shadow Kissed Twilight
A few days? A FEW DAYS? In case you don't know, it is nearly July. Just a heads up there... Ugh, I hate to be all needy like this and what not, but please, Please! Update soon. I am really into this story, and it would make me extremely happy. :]
6/25/2012 c39 3StaNdUPtomE
I love this story.

THough if I was Jade I would be having a major panic attack. I don't know if I could do it
5/24/2012 c4 8TheRaven'sFeather
Hi there, good story so far (at least from what I've read). The thing that I like most about it is how relatable you've made Jade. Even though she's a different species, you've managaed to make most teen girls able to emphasize with her. Good job.
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