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1/4/2010 c2 6Kalista Jia
With those words Nanny pulled out her handkerchief and blew her nose, then reached up to hug Maroc for the fifth time. It had been overly mushy the first time, and by the fifth I was starting to worry about her sanity. (hahaha, that is funny... another nice one...)

If you’re not shy then why am I the only one you ever talk to at my house? It’s not like anyone’s scary! You don’t even talk to sweet little Nanny, who couldn’t hurt a pixie.” Little did he know that his sweet little Nanny knew six ways to kill someone in the time it takes to blink.

I like the use of "multiverse" it makes me realize universe has actually the prefixe "uni-" Now I feel smarter to notice this, thanks! lol

Now I am extremely curious on why Maroc;s father put them together and the Nanny seems to know something about Greg... so mysterious. *currently reading the element witch part* oh~ I see, now I understand why. Interesting. Very interesting. Ah~ Darius Tucker entered the picture. Oh I wonder why he approached Greg, surely it is not about academic purpose right?

Nice start, I enjoy it very much.
1/4/2010 c1 Kalista Jia
Oh very cool start by introducing the 3 characters. For now, Maroc Meredith is my fav! He worked hard, even though he may not be the smartest, it is the effort that makes me like him.

I wonder what will happen next! I bet it will be fun!
7/8/2009 c1 1DRAGONFIRE04

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