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for Just Bitch?

6/15 c6 Guest
It’s been 13 years your a little late
4/23 c6 Guest
Please continue Aiden and Travis's story.
2/15 c6 LathanFreak81
When will you continue I'm really getting into this story and it's been more than a decade?
8/11/2022 c6 Chris
This was amazing I read the whole thing in one night even tho I had school tomorrow! So captivating!
4/4/2022 c5 tvsally692
ooooooooo OMG, Love it. Aidan is gay and loves cock. Me too. Aidan was turned out in prison. Me too. I'm a black cock whore. Steamboat was my pimp. Being white, young, pretty, 145 lbs, and submissive, I was turned out by a strong black inmate. I was a racist but couldn't resist being seduced and enjoyed the attention. Sucking Black cocks was my new life in prison. I loved the fresh loads of sperm that I always swallowed. Have lots of photos and videos posted on the internet ! tvsally692, Google that.
4/4/2022 c3 tvsally692
ooooooooo OMG, I'm gay, I guess. Sucked a cock when I was 11. Liked it and told my cousin who was 13, that I wanted to suck his dick often. That lasted for two summers. I was hooked on sucking cock but didn't do it again until I was 22. When I had sex with girls I just enjoyed eating her pussy and knew they often had cum in it. Especially the married women. So I now know I'm really GAY. Perhaps bisexual because I eat pussy and cock. Love the taste of cum too.
4/4/2022 c2 tvsally692
ooooooooo OMG, Very well written. I really need to know more about what happens. I'd love to be the BITCH and take it daily. Well, I was a prison bitch and had a pimp; a black pimp who love me. Steamboat was his name.
1/20/2022 c6 Guest
Hey, I just recently stumbled across this story. I read Prison Bitch first, loved it. So I had to read this one, Just Bitch. But I was sad to see that there isn't a chapter 6 and you haven't updated for quite a few year now, 12 years to be exact. I was wondering if you was going to finish the story?
1/1/2022 c6 Aussie Guy
Please continue with the story eager to find out what’s next
10/19/2021 c6 Guest
I've enjoyed the saga so far. From "Prison Bitch" to "Just Bitch". Please continue with this story line. I want to see what happen to Aiden and Travis.
9/1/2021 c4 yukiyukiyuki
Please have this novel published. It is the most beautiful gay literature I read. As I am fixated with the your writing, I am ever constantly thinking of a certain person, longing, how I love his everything, want to be with him.
6/22/2021 c6 Guest
The world needs this story to continue… unlikely after ten years but desperately needed!
4/10/2021 c6 Loveit
This is so good! Wish there were more chapters but I guess it's been a lot of years now though I really wish I knew how it ended. IK you probs wont see this but if you do you did a great job and you should definitely keep writing 3
3/25/2021 c2 HarryScr0tum
You did very well! Your a guilty pleasure!
3/1/2021 c6 Paul
I am enjoying every chapter
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