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12/18/2011 c13 Emma
Oh my gosh I just realized, my moms first name is Leanne (exact same spelling) and her middle name is Marie and Kelsey's sisters names are Leanne ans Marie. Wow, what a coincidence.
11/19/2011 c14 3Brightheart
amazing story. loved it a lot.
4/24/2011 c14 100percentfan
Such a wonderful story. The emotional stuff really tugged at my heart, but I am glad for the happy ending.

I love stories with a good plot!
8/18/2010 c14 13angellover254
hey just wanted to say this is a great story. The story line felt so real and i wanted to say tht u r a great writer and keep up the great work 4 ur future stories.
12/29/2009 c14 7Your Execution
Holy crap this story is amazing. So much better than the summary xD

I love it :D
11/11/2009 c7 Wanchoo
:0 ... wow. great story.
11/4/2009 c11 annne
That was a very depressing story but it was also very sweet. But I was angry that James Davidson got away with raping her I wish something bad would have happened to him but other than that great story
10/5/2009 c14 1A. Watts
This is a really sweet story! I love it!
9/20/2009 c14 11Caoimhe Rose
amazing story! full of sadness, yet at the same time, happiness was there too.

what was your inspiration for the story? it must have been very powerful for you to be able to write this.

thank you for the wonderful story, please keep on writing.
9/2/2009 c7 5Disney Is Hardcore
That's annoying, it deleted almost everything I typed.

Anyway, I said

I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to seem overly critical.

I was going to submit a proper review, commenting on every aspect I could think of (spelling, vocab, content etc), but I guess I must've forgotten. Or been too tired and gone to bed.


Anyway, I just submitted those two reviews as I thought of them, because I knew I would have forgotten, and I thought you'd like to know.

Also, thanks for clarifying on the age thing, that was really helpful.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
9/2/2009 c1 Disney Is Hardcore
I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to seem overly critical.

9/1/2009 c14 TheGirlWithTheBigHair
Wonderful story!

Thank you for writing it!

I hope you write more stories!
9/1/2009 c13 Disney Is Hardcore
She got her diploma in 08, right

She said it took her 6 years to read the letter

And he died in 03.

Which is five years.
9/1/2009 c3 Disney Is Hardcore
You know that Brian would have died when he was 11 if he was born in 92 and died in 03.

Which means he was getting high and cutting himself when he was younger than 11.

I just think that sounds too young.
8/31/2009 c14 3DarkGoddess3
I really enjoyed reading your story it is very good. Even with it having all those bad parts it still had a lot of good parts that made it very intresting to read. I don't really care for stories that are depressing but your didn't make me feel that way. You had a good balance on the good/bad situation so it made it easy and an enjoyable read. I liked the characters too.
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