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for Rising from the Ashes

7/4/2014 c25 DNight
aw anywhere i can read the cut scenes XD read this 10 times now but always like aw man the yummy parts r gone XD
11/4/2013 c31 Guest
I have so thoroughly, absolutely loved this. One of my fav and this is my second round reading this, I hope you never stop writing cos you rock!
8/30/2013 c12 deanna
i like this story very much :)
8/11/2013 c30 estarianne
I didn't get the ending at all. The beginning, and even the capture scene, talked about pain and punishment, but suddenly it is just a healthy sexual relationship between father and son? And Phoenix says he would go back except for Dimitri? Made no sense at all. The part about him being a weapon, etc, was totally ignored, and the whole situation turned into something different from the abuse and torture described at the beginning, which was not, in any form, love.
7/4/2013 c6 Guest
Da fuck he's banging his teacher well…damn I was not expecting that
5/22/2013 c31 Anonymous
opps! My email:
5/22/2013 c31 Anonymous
Where can I read your cut scenes from chapter 21 and 24?
5/6/2013 c31 FamishedNight
4/13/2013 c20 anaklusmos1
Well it sucks to be Byron! In more ways than one. Of course I knew this would happen, especially as soon as Phoenix realised something was wrong with this friend. In my mind I was just like "Amaryclis is raping him." I'm still not too sure what to think of this pair. I just don't want Byron turning into a meek subservient. Let him keep his attitude.
4/12/2013 c8 anaklusmos1
Oh my gosh! Such emotion. Loved it.
3/31/2013 c31 CoolCreep
This was a really good story! I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
3/20/2013 c1 6Cuckoolicious
Hrm... Went looking for the cut scene in chapter 20, I think, and couldn't seem to find it. That's a shame, I'm wondering, could it possibly be found elsewheres, and if so, if I could be directed to it?
3/16/2013 c25 writerleft
I was hoping the complete scenes would be on livejournal but I did not find them there.

Even without the scenes, it's an excellent tale!
3/16/2013 c21 writerleft
Aw, you cut the scene. I was waiting for the mates to finally consummate their union.
Please PM me if you have the full version posted elsewhere.

Really enjoying the drama of this tale; clans, powers, good v evil.
1/13/2013 c1 1Sundavar
I am very excited to see your stories back on here, I missed reading them.

Thank you for being an amazing writer and sharing these stories with us!
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