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10/16/2016 c11 Guest
It seems like a poor man's version of a game of thrones. Too many of the same things line up. The open air prison was the tipping point.

I'm sure it's a good read, but if I wanted to read got again I'd do so.
8/4/2015 c40 69AlysonSerenaStone
Great work! I really did enjoy this story a lot!
10/1/2013 c40 13Revamp
This epilogue did a great job at typing up any loose ends and it put closure to all of the cast that were still alive by the time the story was over. I greatly enjoyed this work, enough to read it for two consecutive weeks every day. It's been fun reading your works and now I have read everything up to date. I will see you when your next update of Sephira comes around!
10/1/2013 c39 Revamp
Poor Quista. I waswondering when that issue was going to come up. Now that eveyone knows of Darrya's plans it's a race against time to stop that wedding from taking place. Lucas coming out into the Darrya's body definitely made believers out of the wedding party, and it turns out that the true evil in this story was Lucas' spirit himself. Brilliant plot twist! Darrya had a nice change of heart at the end. She was able to sacrifice her life and earn her redemption in her own way. Now Xavier truly is the last of the Erisa. This chapter was spectacular.
10/1/2013 c38 Revamp
The fog is creating a growing eerie feeling int his chapter, like an ominous overcast. It appears Lucas possessed Darrya. I wonder what will transpire from this event. I'm intrigued by the recent development in this chapter. Great job!
10/1/2013 c37 Revamp
Jayden's role has seemingly come to an end and a sense of peace awaits him with Quista but is it truly that simple? I wonder.

Darrya's inner conflict regarding Xavier and Lucas is mounting and her psychological state is interesting. I wonder what torment awaits her on the horizon. Poor Michella and Ethan, they have been through so much and now this. This chapter was heartbreaking and tragic.
9/30/2013 c36 Revamp
Poor Ethan. Her certainly feels the weight on his shoulders. Now, everyone will be int he same place. I sense the final conflict growing near.
9/30/2013 c35 Revamp
Som the King was poisoned by the Erisas. They truly are a cut-throat and spiteful bunch, aren't they? Darrya is planning the same thing that her mother pulled on Lucas with Ethan. This is definitely a repeat of history.

I love how Xavier's pain and torment as a child caught in the midst of war. His flashbacks were vivid and filled with dread and horror. The way you described the death and carnage was beautiful and I could picture everything in my mind so clearly.

I love the deep characterization for Darrya and Xavier int his chapter. It was tragic and emotional. Great read!
9/30/2013 c34 Revamp
Finally, Quista and Jayden admit their love for each other. There is a lot of build up to Ethan's explanation. I hope it's going to be good. I hae a feeling there may be deeper reasons to him marrying Darrya other than for the peace of the lands. Somehow, I feel that wedding her will be a bad idea. I also wonder why Lucas wants his crown back and what his spirit's motives are for controlling the dead and chanting death. This is getting interesting.
9/30/2013 c33 Revamp
Now we're hearing the story from Cain's point of view on Faythe. It's nice to have both sides of the story to have the reader make their own decisions.

Poor Diana though, she was one of my favorite characters. I am sad to see her die.
9/30/2013 c32 Revamp
Darrya and Xavier finally have their meeting. It was nice to see them reuniting in a jovial sense, though I fear something more sinister lurks with his imprisonment. How will he get himself out of this mess now?

So, Theo took the crown anyway. I would have rather seen Diana on the throne, as I liked her character better. I suppose there is reasoning for this, however.
9/30/2013 c31 Revamp
I liked the scene where Quista and Jayden were cuddling in the snow. It was very sweet and touching. It seems that the source of hatred between the Ronellas and Sorrels was due to the love of one woman. It proves that love can indeed make men blind and plunge them into betrayal. This chapter left on an interesting note, especially with the appearance of the king. I look forward to seeing the progression on this.
9/30/2013 c30 Revamp
This chapter was a mix of sorrow and action as Mya's mother got the news of her daughter and husband's death and as Darrya warred with Mercury. Poor Mya's mother, losing two people in her family at once. I feel so bad for the woman.

So Darrya's supposed to be married to Ethan? How did that come about? I mean, I am undoubtedly shocked but also confused at the revelation because there was no hint or interaction beforehand. This chapter had me going what the hell? So I'm not really sure how to feel about it because that revelation make zero sense to me.
9/30/2013 c29 Revamp
Interesting that Mercury apologized for slapping Ocea when he raped and abused Quista. I suppose family is probably different for him, though. Is this character development I see in him?

finally, we're going to see the true story about the events of the war of the past. It'll be nice to finally know what exactly happened in Darrya's life and the truth about her exile. I liked Cain's growth and character development as well as the revelation of him being Xavier's savior. Great job!
9/30/2013 c28 Revamp
I like how faithful that Mya was to Xavier. They have a nice friendship, even if it seems to be a little more from her side than it was his, but hey he slowly opened up little by little. He seems like one of those characters that it took a while to crack. Xavier cares for her in his own unique ways.

I like how Jayden's hair against the dark, wintery background was compared to a beacon. Nice symbolism for light in the darkness, there.

Mya and Xavier's journey around the pyramid was exciting. I like the soul guiding them. It was a nice concept and it worked well. I also like that you gave your characters an interesting and complex puzzle to solve. Poor Mya, though. I didn't see her death coming. You certainly punched me in the heart with that one. Great job on this chapter, it really stirred up my emotions.
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