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7/24/2012 c35 Guest
Omg I can't believe this is over! I loved it! Reading it these past 2 days has been fun. I just loved seeing Parker's and Alex's relationship grew.
7/22/2012 c1 18FreekyDisaster18
Hey! I am here to share some exciting news with you! This story was added to the Slash category over on A Drop of Romeo :)

Here's the Review:

"With his flamboyant wardrobe that contrasts with his shy persona, Parker just can't seem to go a day at school without being harassed by Alex Barton. He doesn't mind the stealing of the wallet or his keys but what he can't stand is the constant homophobic abuse that Alex throws at him. When assigned together to work on an English Literature project where they have to share secrets and personal thoughts, the boys find themselves forgetting about their bullying past and find themselves forming a friendship.

“Just Because” is the companion story to the previously reviewed “The Band Geek's Dictionary” by Ryette and as much as I loved the first story, I adored this one. The best thing is that Ryette has written it so that you don't have to read the first one (but if you have any common sense and want a good read then you most certainly should!) and yet you still get an amazing grasp of the characters from the previous story.

The highlight is that the progression in Ryette's writing throughout the stories is flawless. All writers progress with time and Ryette shows us how it's done. This new story shows a ratio of narration to dialogue which saw more narration, and there was also cute little moments that showed we were actually seeing this through Parker's eyes rather than it just being a narration. The characters all face realistic problems such as fights with parents, squabbles with friends and being madly in love with someone that will never love you back. The writing also had you craving every moment whether it being one of friendship, romance or even anger. Stopping halfway through this story is impossible so set some spare time aside and get lost in this tale of love and hate that will leave you begging for more."

Keep writing,

Helen xo
7/21/2012 c10 Robby StarShips
I Love You . Idk If Your A Teenager Or A 20SomeThin But You And Christopher Paloni Have Like Totally Inspired Me To Not Write Like Other People Do Like On . The Stories On There Would Be Good If There Was More Detail In Them . But Yeah Just Lettin You Knoe You're My Inspiration :D.

P.S Knew Alex Was Gonna Be Gay :3 .
7/19/2012 c35 z384389658
This story was sosososo good :) looking forward to the sequel x]
7/1/2012 c17 Guest
V good
6/29/2012 c35 4Ibbit
So, I read this whole thing in less than a scattered week. It made me really happy. And laugh when my grandparents aren't paying attention to me. All your smuttiness. Rah, so cute. But the characters are so wishy-washy on their emotions. "I'm angry! I'm sad! I'm horny! I'm angsty!" all in three paragraphs. Honestly, pick a mood and chill out. And it kinda kills me that you made Alex so perfect. I mean, looks, brains, sex, humor, friends... Geez. He's not realistic. At first I thought his and Parker's relationship wasn't realistic either, but the more details (and Alex's povs) you wrote down, the more it sounded realistic. So I applaud you on that, cause it was very, very well written. And the smut scenes, while being... Ahem, yeah... were very good also. I think the last chapter was my favorite (not cause it ended, promise) because of how smooth it transitioned. Excluding the sex to Chloe part, hah. Uhm, well yeah. This was a very good story. Though, I feel like I missed some stuff because I read this before the band story. But, I feel (also) that I'm gunna hate Travis and Cam both because of how they were around Parker. Rah, sadness. So, this review is long enough. Good luck with life, and writing, and etc!
6/24/2012 c1 2GerardtheMoose

I wanted to say that I really love this story! I liked the characters very much and all the progress they make trough the chapters :)

And that's about it 3
6/22/2012 c35 Halo 10113069
AMG this was the cutest thing evar! I really loved this story XD Can't understand why Alex was bullying Parker all the time before they got to know each other, though. :/
6/18/2012 c35 MyDearAssassin
I'd love to leave an extremely lengthy review for this story, but I only have a couple minutes, so I'll make this short and sweet:

DEAR LORD YOU ARE AN *****AMAZING****** WRITER! Yeah, seriously, not only did I love this story because it was adorable and full of sexy smutty goodness, but the character development was perfect and and and Alex and Parker **SQUEE**

Thanks for writing such a freakin' amazing story, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it (and will probably reread it again sometime in the near future)

Great job :)
6/16/2012 c35 PockyHotty
;'( Can't wait for the sequel :DDD I think the song Drive By by Train is Alex's and Parker's song because it fits them so well :'( Now it's over D:
6/13/2012 c35 1Mcgde
Okokokok...most favorite story of all time! :D *runs off to read your other stories*
6/11/2012 c9 Mcgde
Soooo...I haven't read the first one...but I kinda...read the epilogue of it...*grins evily*...
6/10/2012 c35 1Wings of Beauty
This is a beautiful story. I love it so much! Please write the sequel! I really want to read it!
5/25/2012 c35 CookieTower
The only thing I hated was that haven't read this lovely story years ago. ;w; Truly, this story is extremely awesome. Really. Seriously. Actually, all of your works are great. I really love them all, especially this one.

I love the way it's written. It's not too fast-paced or too slow-just enough to keep the readers hooked without making them impatient or surprised.

The grammar is flawless... I think. English is not my first language so I'm not really sure. Frankly, I don't care if there were errors because I loved the story very much.

I love the way Parker and Alex was characterized! I'll have to say, Alex is the perfect boyfriend... ;w; It's amazing how sweet he had become considering how much of an ass he was before (even in The Band Geek's Dictionary). He's just... GAH. I LOVE him. Perfect for Parker!

The ending left me cooing at them for at least an hour. Yep. I love it. Would it be terribly demanding of me if I said that I want to see how their relationship went during college? Ah never mind me. ;w;

Thank you so much for writing! Even though you might not read my review anymore since it has been awhile since this had been completed for quite a while now, I still want to say that this was a great read. I hope to read more from you in the future! (Because I've already read all your works ehe)
5/11/2012 c35 allancaldera
I really like it how you end it with the same line you start it good job. even if it is two years present thanks for this amazing story.


Allan Calderini
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