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for A Whole Latte Love

8/26/2009 c2 3CynicalRomantic09

I love it!

The arguments/intensity you put between your characters are always enjoyable to read. I read the Importance of Getting Revenge right after it was all posted and before you took it down due to the unforunate plagiarism issue. Sorry to hear about that. Plagiarism sucks.

This looks like it will be an interesting story! Good job.
8/26/2009 c1 letitshine
(don't worry, I've read the next chapter)

Could I ask what your fanfiction penname is? This is one... funny story.
8/16/2009 c2 CrazyAngel94
*crazy laughter*


please update soon!
8/12/2009 c1 1storywritergirl
Haha. It's light and cute and I like it :)

And this could totally be reflecting my recent re-re-re-re-reading of the series, but is the fandom this was originally based on Harry Potter? Draco-Drake, the bookworm-Hermione, the two male best friends (Wesley is kinda like Weasley), the Three Musketeers joke, Ginny-Geniva, maybe even a Pansy Parkinson reference within Grace Simmons, ect?

Anyway. Will be looking out for more.
8/12/2009 c2 3CandyDrops
"She just knew they would be so happy for her." - I burst into laughter at that, i look forward to their 'real' reactions lol.
8/7/2009 c2 82Isabella22
LOL Their reactions will be priceless
8/3/2009 c2 3junebird28
Oh my god! I'm loving this. Update soon!
7/30/2009 c1 1StarEyed14
lol i love it! woohoo! Another story to be obsessed about :)

7/29/2009 c2 6A.K.A. Writer's Block
I'm really liking this so far :). I was wondering, though, what this was a fanfic of (you said it was posted there). Anyway, I'm excited (very excited) for more!

7/29/2009 c2 clear skye
awesome story! i can't wait until you update again. keep up the great work!
7/24/2009 c2 1Unwantedsoul
OH MY GOD! I love it.
7/23/2009 c2 cutie
loved it=)

update soon!
7/23/2009 c2 23JustMiLuc
Oh, I like this! this is def. one of my favorite cliches- enemies fall in love. haha, i just voted for it in a poll too. :) can't wait to see the next chapters!
7/21/2009 c2 12All Over You
"both wearing expressions filled with shock, disgust, anger, and some more shock." HAHA totally made me laugh :]

i'm really excited to read this story! update soon!
7/20/2009 c2 ileum
This seems really entertaining. :)

It's funny and I quite like the characters. I like where it's going.

Keep it up? Yeah.
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